We’ve been here five years, and I decided it was high time we checked out the Royal Highland Show. It helps that the Little Anglophile’s big enough now to be super into tractors and cows (or ‘coos, as we like to call them!) and such. I thought it’d be a nice day out for all of us. Plus, we got to ride a TRAM, which is basically LA’s dream come true. Kid loves his trams.

So, how was it?

Fantastic! A bit…breezy, if you will (the wind was strong enough to knock over jumps during the grand prix, which really made me feel for the riders. That’ll seriously screw up your round.) but a marvellous day out nonetheless. Whenever we got chilly, we just ducked into one of the many animal sheds or the food tent or the crafts pavilion and checked things out. Nothing like some samples of whisky and a few rounds of sheep petting to warm you back up!

Cheap? No: it cost £22 per adult to get in. But we spent more than seven hours there, so I think we can say we got our money’s worth. And now I’ve seen enough heavy farm machinery to last me a lifetime.

Here are some of the highlights:

Beautiful handicrafts!

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Hands-on time!

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Lovely animals!

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And, perhaps my favourite: Grand Prix showjumping

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