I loved Downton Abbey, but I love a good parody too, and this sure was a good one. It was done for this year’s Red Nose Day, when people across the UK are urged to “Do something funny for money” in order to raise funds for charities. The country’s best actors and comedians get in on the act too, as you’ll see her. Uptown Downton Abbey reunites AbFab stars Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders (perfectly skewering Maggie Smith) and matches them up with Simon Callow and Kim Cattrall (channeling her character from My Boy Jack while working in a Sex and the City mention) among others. Is that Michael Gambon doing the voiceover? Awesome. I love all the sly little jokes, like the fact the housekeeper’s named Mrs. Danvers and the reference to the fact that the same British actors appear over and over again in every period piece ever made. Check it out for yourself!

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4 thoughts on “Uptown Downstairs

  1. I loved it and thought the actors , which were given one or two characters was just hilarious , and I thought the maids ( all , including the mermaid and the maid from China and the little one that swings and is too little and ” just can not reach “. I appreciate the donation for Red Nose Day , and the humour , showing yourself and Joanna Lumley , asking yourself ” how do I do it “.

    I give it 10 out of 10.


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