In case you’ve missed the massive amount of pimping out this has received, it’s the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster this weekend.. Nobody’s missing a chance to cash in on this horrible tragedy, and that includes Julian Fellowes. His four-part Titanic-set miniseries, which has been airing in Britain for the past couple of weeks, finally debuts on ABC tonight, and from what I’ve seen, it’ll massively improve with the addition of alcohol. Fortunately, it’s so hopelessly cliche ridden the drinking game practically writes itself!

Take a sip (I wouldn’t recommend shots unless you’re really hardcore and not worried about dying) every time someone says/you see:

* There aren’t enough lifeboats for everone on board

* It’s the largest ship in the world

* She’s unsinkable

* Speeding up

* (followed almost immediately by) iceberg warnings

* Snotty, bitchy mother

* Upper-class twits

* Hopeful immigrants (double shot if they’re Irish)

* Star-crossed lovers

* Hysterical Women

* Stoic men

* Officers acting like morons

* Passenger telling officer how to do their job

* Ridiculous ethnic stereotype

* “Iceberg right ahead”

* Women who won’t leave their husbands

* Passengers who are preternaturally aware of the danger

Have fun! We’ll nurse our hangovers together in the morning, when I’ll post the full recap of parts 1-3.

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