The Tudors: The Horse is Symbolic! Get it?

The series ends on a typically subtle note, with Henry being hounded by his dead wives and chased around by Death on a horse. Sadly, Death only manages to catch up with Charles Brandon.

The Tudors: Obsession

Surrey’s obsession with going after Seymour lead to his arrest and trial for treason; Gardiner, Risley, and Rich try to bring down Katherine by any means possible.

The Tudors: Hello, Goodbye

The English take Boulogne, but Richard dies at the last minute. And then the Emperor turncoats on Henry and signs a peace treaty with the French, just as Chapuys gratefully retires. Charles starts sleeping with his pretty French prisoner and takes her home to be his new mistress.

The Tudors: Where is love?

Henry allies with the Emperor to declare war on France, messes with Scotland, and pursues wife #6, Katherine Parr.

The Tudors: Ick Factor

We’ve got superfluous nudity, feces, torture scenes, and blood galore as the walls cave in on Kate, Culpeper, and a few others.

The Tudors: Ghosts

The ghosts of bad choices past come back to haunt Charles and Kate, in the forms of Lord Darcy and Frances Dereham

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