The Woman in White: Secrets and Confessions

Walter and Marian finally uncover Percival’s and the Count’s secrets, which enables absolutely everyone (except for the bad guys) to live happily ever after.

The Woman in White: Escape!

While Marian lays in a fever, Laura is kidnapped, swapped for Anne, and thrown in an asylum. It’s up to Marian and a recently returned Walter to somehow get her out.

The Woman in White: Oh, What a Tangled Web

Percival’s behaviour gets increasingly abusive, Anne reaches out to Laura, and the Foscos appear to be gaming everybody, but Marian in particular

The Woman in White: No Fairytale

Sir Percival acts like a creep and moves up his wedding to Laura, who returns from her honeymoon looking more haunted than Anne.

The Woman in White: I’ve Seen a Ghost!

Walter Hartright heads off to Cumberland, where he finds himself in the middle of an odd mystery and entangled with an heiress

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