Ice Cream Sandwiches

So, we came back from the south of France and walked right into an honest-to-God heatwave. Apparently, Britain’s trying to make up for last year’s summer ‘o’ suck and is overcompensating just a tad. Which isn’t a terrible thing–it’s actually quite pleasant up here in Scotland, and now we can all pull out those sundresses we totally forget we even owned. The one issue is this: no air conditioning. Hardly any building has air con, because why the heck would they? Our office is absolutely boiling. We have to find other ways to keep cool. Delicious ways.

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Spanakopita, Image courtesy

Wild Greens Spanakopita

Summer has struck, which means that those blessed with back gardens are currently probably shaking their fists at the sky and cursing the name of weeds like dandelions and nettles. Which they really shouldn’t be doing, because—guess what?—these very same fauna pests are fully edible and quite delicious. I’ve already talked about nettles, so let’s turn to the dandelion. Yes, that annoying plant people pay … Continue reading Wild Greens Spanakopita

Royal Regatta

Way back in 1839 (on 26 March, to be exact) one Captain Edmund Gardiner stood up at a public meeting in Henley town hall and suggested they host a regatta that year, as boat racing had become rather popular in the area. The suggestion was accepted, and later that year the first of what would become the annual Henley Royal Regatta was run. As Gardiner … Continue reading Royal Regatta