The Borgias: New Beginnings

Alexander strikes a deal with the French, saving his papacy, and then turns his attention to the annulment of Lucrezia’s marriage, which goes through just before she gives birth to a son.

The Borgias: War is Hell

Everyone learns this lesson big time when Juan sets the outnumbered and outgunned Papal Army against the French, who get to play with their devastating new toys.

The Borgias: Apocalypse Now

The French invade and seriously trash Lucca before heading south, scaring the hell out of everyone along the way, including della Rovere.

The Borgias: Sexy Time!

Everyone gets into bed with someone this episode: Juan with his little brother’s wife, Lucrezia with cute stableboy Paolo, Cesare with Ursula, and della Rovere with the King of France.

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