Game of Thrones: And What Do We Say to Death?

Several people manage to cheat death, but a major character isn’t so lucky. Neither are two animals.

Game of Thrones: Things Get Ugly

Ned gets thrown in prison, which upsets Robb enough for him to gather an army and start marching on the Lannisters, who are all ready for war, even though they’ve got Tyrion back. Up at The Wall, things start to get seriously creepy.

Game of Thrones: Well, That’s One Way to Crown a King

The Lannisters and Starks inch closer to all-out war, even as Tyrion manages to win his freedom. Meanwhile, Viserys finally goes one step too far, and gets his crown, but not in the way he was hoping.

Game of Thrones: Bloody Hell

Things go from bad to worse for Ned and his family as Robert fires him from his position as Hand, and the Lannisters get pissed about Cate taking Tyrion.

Game of Thrones: Bastards, Cripples, and Broken Things

Ned starts digging into the circumstances surrounding Jon Arryn’s death; on the Wall, Jon adopts a new recruit named Sam; Cate has Tyrion arrested for attempting to murder Bran

Game of Thrones: First Kill

Everyone arrives in King’s Landing, where Cate gets help from an old boyfriend, which does not make Ned happy. Jon’s miserable up on The Wall, fighting men who’ve never held a sword before, but with Tyrion’s help he starts to become an actual leader. Bran’s awake, but he doesn’t remember anything, and Daenerys is blissfully pregnant (and flexing her power muscles a bit).

Game of Thrones: Double-Edged Sword

Ned realizes being the King’s Hand kind of sucks; assassins arrive to finish off poor, comatose Bran and get to witness Cate in action; Daenerys finally starts making her marriage work

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Things start getting bleak in the land of Westeros as maurauding killers start slicing people up and bringing them back to life, the king’s right-hand man is killed (maybe), and an exiled prince pimps out his sister so he can get his throne back.

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