Downton Abbey: Leaving the Nest

Have you heard there’s a war on? Matthew escapes it just long enough to bring his fiancee to Downton for a visit, while William’s doing all he can to get to the front. Bates and Anna get to be happy for about ten minutes before Bates’s horrible wife shows up to blackmail him back into his loveless marriage, and Sybil decides it’s time for her to do her part for the war effort.

Boardwalk Empire: Valentine’s Day

Nucky gets bailed out in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but things aren’t looking too good for him. He does at least figure out who his friends and enemies are, though, and realizes Margaret’s even more on his side than he thought. Chalky enjoys jailtime with a complete tool, and Jimmy heads north to try and do business with Rothstein.

Pan Am: London Calling

We meet our characters during a plane’s maiden trip to London: Colette, the French girl facing her married one-night-stand; Laura, the runaway bride who followed her sister into stewardessing; Kate, Laura’s sister, who’s spying for the United States against Russia; and Maggie, a beatnik who just wants to see the world.

The Pallisers, Part IV: After the Ball

Burgo makes one last-ditch attempt to win Glencora back, while Grey secretly starts bailing out both Alice and George.

Monarchy-The Royal Family at Work: To Virginia!

Queen Elizabeth heads to Virginia on the first leg of her state visit to the United States

Poirot: The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

Four deaths following the opening of an ancient tomb draw Poirot to Egypt

John Adams: Don’t Tread on Me

Adams is sent to France, where he proves just how ill-suited he is to the role of diplomat

Game of Thrones: And What Do We Say to Death?

Several people manage to cheat death, but a major character isn’t so lucky. Neither are two animals.

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