Poldark: One Grand Gesture

George goes after Drake & Ross’s refusal to step in basically breaks Demelza, who turns to Armitage. Elizabeth and George have it out, & Ross makes a choice

Poldark: Three’s a Crowd

George wins his election and freezes out his wife; Ross and Elizabeth come to a rapport just as things chill between him and Demelza

Poldark: Here’s One for the Ladies

Ross is given the opportunity to be an MP and help lots of people, but since it wasn’t his idea, of course he turns it down. And then Agatha dies.

Poldark: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

George can’t seem to get toads off his property, Morwenna and Drake get back together, Aunt Agatha is delightful, and everything suddenly goes to hell

Poldark: Prison Break

Ross decides it’s high time he busted Enys out of prison, and he assembles a posse to do just that. Meanwhile, George keeps getting bad news.

Poldark: Ross-n Hood

Ross and his friends give to the poor while George tries to marry poor Morwenna off to a truly repulsive excuse for a human being

Poldark: I’m Gonna Do My Own Thing

While Ross nearly gets himself killed in France, Demelza basically rules the world back home and Elizabeth gets started on her drug problem

Poldark: Into the Fire We Go!

Both Blamey’s and Enys’s ships disappear, leading everyone to fear the worst and sending Ross scrambling for answers and eventually leaving for France

Poldark: Dark Moon Rising

Things are going well for Ross, but he’s getting restless as Elizabeth’s time gets closer. Luckily he has the distraction of a wedding and some family drama

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