Game of Thrones: And What Do We Say to Death?

Several people manage to cheat death, but a major character isn’t so lucky. Neither are two animals.

The Borgias: War is Hell

Everyone learns this lesson big time when Juan sets the outnumbered and outgunned Papal Army against the French, who get to play with their devastating new toys.

The Borgias: Apocalypse Now

The French invade and seriously trash Lucca before heading south, scaring the hell out of everyone along the way, including della Rovere.

Camelot: Justice

Arthur and Morgan address the country’s lawlessness and justice problem, in very different ways. Merlin’s gone totally off the deep end in the wake of Excalibur’s death, but gets to flirt with Igraine a bit. Arthur actually starts learning to act like a grownup.

The Borgias: Nice Day for a Spite Wedding

Alexander meanly bars Vannozza from Lucretia’s wedding and makes Cesare perform the service, so Cesare gets revenge by bringing Vannozza to the reception. Juan predictably screws up the entertainment, and the groom is so appalled by it all he takes it out on poor, sweet Lucretia.

Mildred Pierce: Part II

Mildred decides to open a restaurant to please Veda, who takes her horrible attitude to all-new levels. Mildred also meets and falls for the dashing Monty Beragon, right before tragedy brings her crashing back down.

The Tudors: Obsession

Surrey’s obsession with going after Seymour lead to his arrest and trial for treason; Gardiner, Risley, and Rich try to bring down Katherine by any means possible.

The Tudors: Hello, Goodbye

The English take Boulogne, but Richard dies at the last minute. And then the Emperor turncoats on Henry and signs a peace treaty with the French, just as Chapuys gratefully retires. Charles starts sleeping with his pretty French prisoner and takes her home to be his new mistress.

The Tudors: Where is love?

Henry allies with the Emperor to declare war on France, messes with Scotland, and pursues wife #6, Katherine Parr.

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