The Gilded Age Episode 8: Tucked Up in Newport

George is exonerated, Bertha is humbled, Peggy’s story is revealed, and the servants are all stalkers and sneaks

The Gilded Age Episode 6: Heads Have Rolled for Less

Bertha gets kind of horrifying as George searches for answers in the aftermath of the train crash, Peggy’s rocking it, and Gladys gets out

The Gilded Age Episode 5: Charity Has Two Functions

Raikes levels up in creepiness, Marian continues to annoy, Peggy continues to be mysterious, and Bertha torpedoes a romance and uses the Red Cross to buy her way into Society

The Gilded Age Episode 4: A Long Ladder

Turner gets sloppy, Peggy’s career gets a boost, Bertha takes a step towards the 400, and Marion is THE WORST

The Gilded Age: Money Isn’t Everything

Marion’s lawyer looks to move to New York, Oscar has designs on Gladys, a cook has a gambling habit, and George pulls a power move for Bertha

The Gilded Age: Never the New

Marion lands right in the middle of an old-money-vs-new-money tussle in late-19th century New York City.

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