South Riding: The Schoolmarm Cometh

Sarah Burton arrives in South Riding to be the school’s new headmistress, and immediately puts several noses out of joint.

Upstairs Downstairs: The Ladybird

Persie and Spargo decide to become Nazis and lovers; Agnes is pregnant; a new maid arrives with the obligatory mysterious past, and Pritchard ends up being one of the few characters I still like by the end of this episode.

Mildred Pierce, Part V

Mildred hooks back up with Monty, reconciles with Veda, moves to Pasadena, and experiences a spectacular crash-and-burn.

Mildred Pierce Part IV

Mildred finally reaches the end of her rope with Veda and kicks her out of the house. Once on her own, Veda magically becomes a highly talented soprano.

Mildred Pierce: Part III

Mildred opens her restaurant, which is a success, Veda gets more hateful, and Monty starts a rather inappropriate relationship with Mildred’s daughter

Mildred Pierce: Part II

Mildred decides to open a restaurant to please Veda, who takes her horrible attitude to all-new levels. Mildred also meets and falls for the dashing Monty Beragon, right before tragedy brings her crashing back down.

Mildred Pierce: Part I

In Depression-era California, housewife Mildred kicks her husband to the curb and discovers that she actually needs to get a job to have money.

Downton Abbey: Hope and Heartbreak

Mary’s, O’Brien’s, and Thomas’s various psychological disorders get ramped up to about 11, with disastrous conseqences. Bates makes a huge reveal, which still doesn’t send Anna running for the hills, Matthew abandons his self-respect for a while, and World War I breaks out. And yet, this was one of the funniest episodes. Go figure.

Downton Abbey: Love is in the Air

Anna loves Bates! Isobel loves justice and Old Mr. Molesley’s roses! Matthew’s starting to love Downton and (sadly) Mary! Edith loves screwing her sister over!

Downton Abbey: Backstairs Bitchery

Upstairs, the heir to the title, fortune, and estate of Downton Abbey dies suddenly, throwing the family into chaos. Downstairs, a new servant arrives and gets the full mean-girl treatment.

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