Call the Midwife: Desperation

jenny_call_the_midwife5Previously on Call the Midwife: Shy Jane finally got kissed, Jenny lost Jimmy and also discarded her lousy attitude.

JVO: East End families in the 50’s tended to be large, thanks to the lack of birth control. There were rumours of a magic pill being developed that could help with that, but it kind of seemed like a fantasy to Jenny and her patients. As JVO speaks, Jenny bikes through the neighbourhood, stopping to let some schoolkids pass. She nods in greeting to one of the mums, who’s toting a baby.

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Call the Midwife: The Broken Ones

Call the Midwife season 2, episode 4Previously on Call the Midwife: Chummy took off for Africa and was replaced by the seriously shy and awkward Jane. Jimmy got married, presumably leaving Jenny behind permanently.

Jenny cycles through the neighbourhood and receives some wolf whistles from a crew of older teen boys. JVO talks about how unintimidated she was by her surroundings after having been there for a year. It’s about time she acclimated. I will say, she hasn’t been as obnoxiously judgmental as she was last season. Fred and a man who’s such an absolute dead ringer for Hugh Dancy that I actually find it distracting are playing cards and talking about how Jenny’s teen admirers spend way too much time and money on Brylcreem. This guy is actually played by Jamie Thomas King, better known to us as Thomas Wyatt from The Tudors and possibly best known to the world at large as the guy who got his foot cut off by a lawnmower in Mad Men. Good to see him again! Fred asks his partner, Douglas, if his wife’s due soon and Doug says she is, and he’s sure that, after two girls, it’s going to be a boy. Fred asks if he wants to wager that and Doug agrees.

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Call the Midwife: Pimp Slap

call_the_midwife_4839028Previously on Call the Midwife: Women gave birth, Sister MJ was a bit out of it, Sister Evangelina was fabulous, Chummy got married.

To some strangely ominous sounding twangy guitar music that doesn’t quite jive with the usual soundtrack, Jenny bikes through the East End, along with some of the men on their way to work. JVO reflects that her journey to womanhood began with this job, which kept her very busy all the time. Jenny arrives at Nonnatus, where the nuns and other midwives surprise her with a birthday cake (Sister MJ swipes her finger right through the icing). Jenny thanks them and attempts to blow out the candles.

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