Camelot: Waiting, Wishing, Watching

Morgan lures the Camelot Crew to Magical Manse and proceeds to stage a very elaborate fake attack, apparently in an attempt to find out who Arthur’s in love with and to finally start fully impersonating Igraine.

Camelot: Road Trip

Arthur and Guen hit the road to visit her dying father, while Merlin and the Camelot Crew head out to collect Sir Hector’s library. At Magical Manse, Morgan gets an unexpected visitor.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Things start getting bleak in the land of Westeros as maurauding killers start slicing people up and bringing them back to life, the king’s right-hand man is killed (maybe), and an exiled prince pimps out his sister so he can get his throne back.

Camelot: Kickass

Merlin, Arthur, and Morgan all get their asses handed to them in one way or another. Merlin fetches a new sword for Arthur, with disastrous consequences, and Igraine warns both Guen and Arthur to stay away from each other.

Camelot: Sex on the Beach

Arthur mopes about Guinevere’s impending marriage until she finally has sex with him on the beach where they met. Morgan plays nice, inviting Arthur to dinner, but she’s clearly got something crazy up her sleeve. Leontes and Kay do some recruiting.

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