Camelot: Waiting, Wishing, Watching

Morgan lures the Camelot Crew to Magical Manse and proceeds to stage a very elaborate fake attack, apparently in an attempt to find out who Arthur’s in love with and to finally start fully impersonating Igraine.

Camelot: Sex on the Beach

Arthur mopes about Guinevere’s impending marriage until she finally has sex with him on the beach where they met. Morgan plays nice, inviting Arthur to dinner, but she’s clearly got something crazy up her sleeve. Leontes and Kay do some recruiting.

Camelot: The Original He-Man Woman Hater’s Club

After the death of King Uther, the throne is claimed by Uther’s daughter, Morgan, but since we can’t have girls in charge, Merlin scares up Uther’s illegitimate son, Arthur, and sets him up as a rival claiment.

Cadfael: The Sanctuary Sparrow

The 12th century monk has to track down an attacker, a thief, and a murderer, clear a young minstrel’s name, play matchmaker, attend to a cranky old lady, and make it to mass on time.

Pillars of the Earth: A New Beginning, The Work of Angels

The series ends. The bad guys get their comeuppance, the good guys get what they want, and Kingsbridge gets its cathedral.

Pillars of the Earth: Witchcraft

Everybody plots! Alfred plots to marry Aliena so she can keep funding her brother’s fighting and get the earldom back. Waleran plots to become Archbishop of Canterbury. Regan plots to get the earldom for William by marrying him to a preteen. In other news, Jack escapes the priory and sleeps with Aliena before heading to France, Aliena gives birth to Jack’s son and follows him, and Alfred’s plan to put a stone vault on the cathedral goes wrong in the worst way, resulting in Philip getting fired.

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