Les Miserables Episode 6 Recap: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Valjean manages to completely break Javert’s ability to cope with the world (twice!), saves Marius’s life, sees Cosette happy, and dies in peace

Les Miserables Episode 5 Recap: Vive la Revolution!

Marius stalks Cosette, Valjean decides it’s finaly time to get out of town, Javert goes crazy, and the students spark a revolt

Les Miserables Episode 4 Recap: Coincidentally…

Valjean gets scammed and almost caught, Marius finds purpose, Cosette discovers the outside world and Javert continues to be very obsessed.

Les Miserables Episode 3 Recap: All Roads Lead to Paris

Valjean gets re-arrested, then escapes so he can rescue Cosette. It’s all fine and dandy, until Javert and his obsession join them in Paris.

Les Miserables Episode 2 Recap: The Fall and Fall of Fantine

Fantine gets a break, and soon after the universe craps on her yet again. Valjean, too, gets a lucky break, but it may cost him his soul.

Les Miserables Episode 1

Marius is raised by a Napoleon-hating grandfather, Fantine gets screwed in more ways than one, Jean Valjean is released from prison & finds a better path

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