Harlots: It’s I Who Shall Burn

Well, now we know just how far Margaret’s willing to go to protect her daughters: actually committing murder. How did we get to that point? Let’s reel back… It’s the day after Charlotte’s break with George, Emily’s flight from Quigley’s, and Lord Fallon’s offer for Lucy. Charlotte has found refuge in an actual garret somewhere, and is now unsure what to do. She turns to … Continue reading Harlots: It’s I Who Shall Burn

Harlots: A Proper Minx

Margaret’s got a lot of balls in the air, figuratively speaking. First: There’s Lucy’s virginity, which everyone thinks has already been sacrificed to George. Except somehow, Margaret double sold it. We’re about five minutes in and already I’m confused. How did she manage that? It’s not as if it was some sort of secret that George offered to double the winning bid–Margaret basically announced it … Continue reading Harlots: A Proper Minx