Harlots: I’m Ready

It’s time for the ladies to step up, get things done, forge alliances, and bring some of these bad guys down.

Harlots: The Hounds are Coming, Vixen

Charlotte and Marney are arrested for George’s murder, William’s AWOL, Quigley’s got Lacey locked up, Nancy’s on the prowl, and Cunliffe wants his rewards

Harlots: I See Only Cruelty

Lucy gets a keeper, but she isn’t at all happy about it; Margaret negotiates for the sale of Harriet’s children; and Quigley may be an accessory to murder

Harlots: Cathouse Caterwauling

In 1763 London, where 1 in every 5 woman made her living as a prostitute, a pair of madams goes to war, catching several young women in the crossfire.

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