The Tudors: The Horse is Symbolic! Get it?

The series ends on a typically subtle note, with Henry being hounded by his dead wives and chased around by Death on a horse. Sadly, Death only manages to catch up with Charles Brandon.

Gosford Park: Murder, Mayhem, and Manors

Rich people and their servants gather for a weekend of bird shooting and murder in 1930’s England.

The Tudors: All or Nothing

Fisher and More are finally called to give a definitive yay or nay on the Oath of Supremacy. Their nays get them killed.

The Tudors: Mr. Softie

As Henry moves closer to becoming a true sociopath, all the men around him prove they’ve got feelings. Brandon has some cute father-son time with his mysterious kid, Cromwell and Chapuys show their soft spots, and George Boleyn hooks up with Mark Smeaton. In other news, More gets his ass thrown in jail, and Anne, who’s pregnant again, puts her cousin in Henry’s bed.

The Tudors: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

…then comes a very sparsely attended coronation. Henry kicks Catholicism to the curb and married Anne, who’s all kinds of knocked up. Our hapless assassin, Brereton, fails yet again to kill her before she can give birth to her daughter, Elizabeth.

The Tudors: Paris, Je T’Aime

The church submits to Henry, which forces More to resign his office and contemplate martyrdom. Henry and Anne take a vacation to France to make friends with Francis again and have sex.

The Tudors: Boiling Point

As season 2 kicks off, things are reaching their boiling points–in one case, literally. Henry keeps trying to bully the bishops to get his divorce and kicks Katherine out of the palace because Anne’s tired of having her around. Boleyn tries to poison More and Bishop Fisher, to get rid of opposition to the divorce, and the pope orders a hit on Anne.

The Tudors: Baby, Light My Fire

More starts burning heretics, Wolsey faces the fires of hell, and Henry and Anne give in to their passion.

The Tudors: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

The divorce case gets sent to Rome, and Wolsey’s downfall is nearly complete. Anne starts to convert Henry, and Margaret dies.

The Tudors Season 1 Episode 8 recap: The Beginning of the End

All of Wolsey’s bullying can’t prevent his inevitable downfall. Katherine and her French counterpart, Claude, get a little awesome.

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