Penny Dreadful: Night of the Living Dead

PennyDreadful_108_1469.r_article_story_largePreviously on Penny Dreadful: Caliban wanted a girlfriend, Ethan’s girlfriend lay dying, and Vanessa’s love life led to her being possessed, though on the upside, she found out where Mina is during said possession.

Vanessa tells Malcolm she thinks Mina’s trying to be found, at the theatre. Malcolm’s somewhat encouraged, but there’s a hard truth he has to face: if Mina can’t be saved, he’ll have to kill her. He goes to contact the boys so they can all go to the theatre after it closes. Alone, Vanessa looks contemplative, and then senses something. A moment later, Sembene announces that a gentleman is there to see her. It’s Dorian, as she knows, and he’s rather cutely like a schoolboy with a crush. Vanessa invites him to sit and he politely says it’s good to see her doing better. He babbles about having gone travelling while she was ill, hitting up Italy for some shopping, as you do. Noting her tarot cards, he asks her to read his future. She wearily says she’s not sure he has one. He asks to read his past, but she says that would rob him of his mystery. He desperately tries to ask her out, but she lies that she’s permanently busy. He tells her he’ll be waiting for her somewhere at four o’clock that afternoon. She shortly informs him that their time together is done and sweeps out.

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Penny Dreadful: The Beast Within

Episode 107Previously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa’s sexy date with Dorian was interrupted by the arrival of her old possession demon friend.

Vanessa reclines on a sofa in the sitting room, a steaming cup of tea at her side, musing on how messed up Victorian ideas of feminine beauty are, while Malcolm listens nearby. Malcolm tells her that the evening before she went into some bizarre fit. She’s oddly relaxed about that and apparently doesn’t remember it. She starts chatting and it quickly becomes obvious she’s channeling Mina. She’s got that little kid voice on again and babbles about how her fat mother cried in her loneliness whenever he was away, and that he hated her for being fat and preferred pursuing lean ladies. Her voice growing dark, she tells him to tell her about the other women, scolding him for not going to Mrs Ives’s funeral. She goes on to list the other women he was with, the prostitutes in Zanzibar and the native women he met along his journeys. He tries to contain his rage as she goes on, and then her anger starts to create a hurricane in the room powerful enough to throw furniture and books around. She stares at him as Sembene comes in and Malcolm looks helpless. Sembene takes things into his own hands and hits her twice, knocking her out. The enchantment breaks. He takes her upstairs as Malcolm looks at the wreckage of the room.

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Penny Dreadful: Getting Freaky

d5f453e564b197d19539901c332e2aa7Previously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa started flirting with Dorian, who apparently slept with Ethan after a strange night at the theatre and perhaps too much absinthe. Ethan was dating Brona, the dying prostitute, who told him she was too lost a cause and he should just eff off already. Caliban wanted a girlfriend and threatened to take out anyone Victor passes the time of day with if he didn’t produce a girl immediately, and Malcolm lost his best link to the creature that has Mina.

In the immediate aftermath of the events from two weeks ago, Vanessa and Malcolm discuss the appearance of the creature and Fenton’s death. She refuses to stay in the room and he asks if she sensed anything the night before. She did not, because she can’t just summon these things at will. She can’t? She seemed pretty possessed of her abilities in the premiere. He accuses her of having forgotten Mina and why they’re doing this and reminds her that he lost his family. Speaking of, whatever happened to his wife? She just disappeared without an explanation. Same with Vanessa’s dad. She snaps that she lost her family as well and he backs down. She frowns beautifully and promises to try harder. Can anyone glower as glamorously as Eva Green?

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Penny Dreadful: Possession

Vanessa_Penny_Dreadful_Episode_5Previously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa did something to Mina before Mina disappeared. And it’s caused a bit of tension between her and Malcolm. Also, Malcolm had a son who died.

Vanessa sits down and starts writing a letter to Mina, explaining that she started writing these letters when she recovered from her ‘illness’ and they’ve been getting gradually more frequent.

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Penny Dreadful: The Role of a Lifetime

penny4Previously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa got flirty with Dorian Gray at a party, Ethan started sleeping with Brona, Caliban demanded a girlfriend from his maker, and the crew captured a crazy vampire named Fenton.

We open on the most laid-back, opera-laced orgy ever. It’s being held at Dorian’s, in his portrait gallery, and it seems like most of the action consists of naked people sitting around and posing fairly artistically. Some are taking opium, which explains the mood. Dorian looks bored and starts looking around at some of the portraits on the walls. Later, when everyone’s gone, he wanders through the now darkened room, still looking bored and empty. He takes a candelabra, goes through a secret door, down a hallway lined with mirrors, and into another room, where stands an enormous painting, covered in a curtain. He pulls the curtain off and blinks at the painting for a few moments, then sits down to stare at it. Sadly, we do not get to see his infamous portrait ourselves.

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Penny Dreadful: The Firstborn

Penny-dreadful-episode-3-review-calibanPreviously on Penny Dreadful: Vanessa became possessed at a séance and started (maybe) spilling some dirty Murray family secrets, Ethan met a consumptive Irish prostitute, and Frankenstein got to have a little fun with his adorable new creation before his firstborn showed up and destroyed it.

Rewind to Victor’s childhood. He walks through a field of daffodils and recites some romantic poetry before coming upon the maggot-ridden corpse of a dog. His dog. His mother comes upon him and tells him how sorry she is about the dog’s loss.

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Penny Dreadful: Sins of the Fathers

penny-dreadfulPreviously on Penny Dreadful: Explorer Malcolm Murray recruited sharpshooter Ethan, psychic/medium Vanessa, and Victor Frankenstein to help him find his vampire daughter.

In what’s becoming our standard beginning, a woman (this time in a park instead of a bathroom) is attacked by something that prompts her to scream before it rips her apart.

Ethan wakes at the waterfront after what must have been a seriously rough night. He makes his way to a nearby inn and orders up some hair of the dog.

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Penny Dreadful: Here There Be Monsters

Episode 101Are we ready for some atmospheric, period horror? Let’s do it.

We open with a young woman climbing out of the bed she shares with a little girl—her daughter, presumably. She lights a lamp and heads down the hall to the loo, where she barely has time to get herself settled before something bursts through the wall and grabs her. The little girl wakens and goes looking for her mother, sensibly heading right for the loo. Whatever she sees there makes her scream her head off.

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Camelot: A Slow Death

Previously on Camelot: Morgan started secretly organizing raids throughout the kingdom to scare the people and make Arthur look weak, which totally worked, of course, because she’s the only one on this show who can really seem to plan properly and see her plans come to fruition. Less lucky in that area are Igraine and Merlin, who try to execute the stupidest idea ever—and that’s saying something on this show—and just get themselves captured and dragged back to Camelot by Morgan. But Arthur’s not there to deal with the issue, because he and the boys are up at Barden Pass, and when we left them, Arthur was defending the place all on his own.

At Barden, Morgan’s Lackey and his men sit around, getting riled up for the fight ahead. Meanwhile, the remainder of the Camelot Crew, plus Guen and Joe’s family, show up at the appointed meeting place, where of course they do not find Arthur waiting for them. He’s still inside the village at the Pass, waiting to surprise Lackey’s advance guard, which is just one guy, whom Arthur manages to overcome after a brief battle. So, Lackey sent a single guy to find out how many people were in this village? Really? That seems pretty stupid to me. Send at least a couple, in case they run into trouble, like this one did.

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Camelot: Fallout

Previously on Camelot: Morgan took Igraine’s place in Camelot just long enough to tell Leontes his wife slept with Arthur, and to have some sexy time with Merlin, who, amazingly, didn’t realize he was being tricked. Finally, the real Igraine escaped from her prison at Magical Manse and ran back to Camelot, where she came face-to-face with…herself.

We start the show right where we left off. Igraine, naturally, freaks out considerably when she sees her exact double staring at her calmly, and she wonders if she’s going crazy. Now, Igraine, you know that magic exists in this world, so you didn’t think for a second that this might be some sort of trickery? I guess not, because she asks Morgraine what she is, and Morgraine tells her she’s Igraine’s damaged, dirty soul made manifest. Igraine freaks out some more and runs out of the room. A few minutes later, Morgan shifts back to her true form, grabs a horse, and rides back toward Magical Manse. And not a single person notes her presence in Camelot, or the fact that she’s making off with one of their horses. Once again, security in this place sucks.

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