Downton Abbey: My Eyes Have Been Opened

downton-abbey8Previously on Downton Abbey: Edith and Drewe came up with a stupid non-plan to keep her in her daughter’s life, Mary met up with Gil for a sex weekend, and a witness stepped forward to possibly implicate Bates in Greene’s murder.

Mary reclines in bed with Gil (both of them are wearing some sort of nightwear, I think it bears saying) until her breakfast is delivered and Gil has to go hide next door for a bit. He jokes that she’s worked up an appetite and she tells him she hates vulgar jokes. He makes a note of that, along with all sorts of other things so he can get used to the rituals that’ll make up their daily life.

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Downton Abbey: Sex on the Brain

uktv-downton-abbey-s05e02-12Previously on Downton Abbey: Carson, not Robert, was asked to head a committee to establish a war memorial, which made Robert pouty. Having Sarah Bunting attack the whole project on principle at dinner didn’t help. Violet, realizing that a marriage between Lord Merton and Isobel would put Isobel on an equal social footing with her, set out to wreck the relationship, while Mary, having nearly decided to marry Gil, accepts his offer of a ‘try before you buy’ sex weekend. Edith’s attempts to be part of her daughter’s life without being super obvious about it are failing pretty miserably, and in her frustration, she accidentally sets the house on fire. Belowstairs, Jimmy gets fired for sleeping with a guest/former employer and Daisy’s trying to learn maths.

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Downton Abbey: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

downton51Previously on Downton Abbey: Mary was seriously depressed about Matthew dying, but bounced back enough to start taking a more active role in the running of the estate and to start playing two suitors off of each other. The new lady’s maid has a secret that Thomas knows about, but she’s got an ally in Molesley, who’s now a footman. Tom made the acquaintance of a rather pushy and grating local schoolteacher, and a lord began flirting with Isobel. Edith consummated her relationship with Michael just before he departed for Germany to try and secure a divorce and promptly disappeared after a run-in with some brownshirts. Now pregnant (because the universe can’t stop crapping on her for even a second), Edith secretly gives birth, and then stashes the kid with a local farmer who kind of owes the Crawleys a favour.

Edith bikes off to the Drew home, which appears to be a converted church, and spies on her now toddler daughter happily helping Mrs Drew with the laundry.

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Downton Abbey: The Scarlet Letter

Downton-Abbey-Christmas-special-2013Previously on Downton Abbey: Bates possibly literally threw his wife’s rapist under a bus, and the fandom rejoiced; Robert took a trip to America to support his brother-in-law, who was implicated in the Teapot Dome Scandal; Edith and Rosamond made plans to head to the continent for an extended stay so Edith could have her baby quietly and adopt it out; and Mary, Isobel, and Tom got some romances going. There’s also some weird and creepy unknown history between Thomas and the new maid, Baxter.

Downton. Hughes gets off the phone and tells Daisy the London housekeeper’s ill, so Hughes has to go down and run the townhouse. For some reason, they want Daisy to come down too. Ivy rather messily exposits that Edith went away to Geneva for 8 months, but she looks tired all the time. So, we’re about a year on from the last episode. Which is a bit odd, because Cora was talking about Rose being presented and doing the Season the year before, but she only gets presented and has her coming out in this episode.

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Downton Abbey: Is There Something You Want to Tell Me?

downton-abbey-episode-8Previously on Downton Abbey: Edith decided to keep her baby, and got a ton of unexpected support from Rosamond. Isobel nursed Violet through bronchitis, Mary got down and dirty with Blake (but not in that way), and Green showed up again, and it looks like both Hughes and Bates know the truth about him.

Edith, Tom, and Mary go to visit the pigs and the interim pig man, Farmer Drew. Guess they fired the guy they originally hired. Seems Drew knows a thing or two about pigs, so they offer him the job permanently. He thanks them for giving him another good turn and hopes he can repay the family someday. Just pay your rent, Drew, and make sure the pigs have water. I think that’s really all they want.

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Downton Abbey: Pearls Before Swine

PreviewFile.jpg.ashxPreviously on Downton Abbey: Evelyn came back with his rather rude boss, Isobel and Violet went to war (and Violet won, naturally), Edith’s knocked up, and Anna’s still dealing with her trauma.

We begin as the series started, with a telegram being delivered to the house. Apparently it’s summoning Robert to America, which Bates reports to Hughes. She asks if he’s going along as well but he tells her he can’t leave Anna just now.

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Downton Abbey: Surprise!

uktv-downton-abbey-s04-e06-9Previously on Downton Abbey: Bates forced most of the story about Anna out of Hughes, and vowed revenge on the unknown perpetrator. Edith’s stressed about Michael’s sudden radio silence and is seeing some doctor down in London. Tom, Mary, and Robert are finally coming together, while Violet and Isobel are butting heads over a gardener who may or may not have pilfered a valuable keepsake.

Daisy brings some toast in for the servants and is scolded for taking it to Alfred first. Jimmy and Patmore both notice that Alfred’s getting special treatment, and Daisy says it’s because she’s so happy he’s staying.

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Downton Abbey: A Decent Man

o-DOWNTON-ABBEY-570Previously on Downton Abbey: Anna decided the best way to deal with Bates was to treat him like shit, Mary turned down a marriage proposal, Cora got another ladies’ maid, courtesy of Thomas, and Alfred got a chance to maybe train at the Ritz.

Poor Bates emerges from his cottage, alone, and walks up to the house, where Anna stands in her room, alone, and applies some cover-up to her still bruised eye. She comes downstairs and finds Bates waiting at the base of the stairs. A little meanly, she tells him she doesn’t know why he always waits for her. Because you’re his wife and this is the only way he gets to see you now, Anna? He calmly replies that he wants to be the first to greet her. She says there’s no need and he says he’s going to keep this up until she explains what the hell happened between them. Reasonable enough. A dark-haired woman interrupts and is greeted as Miss Baxter. Presumably she’s Cora’s new maid. She asks about a sewing machine, and after she leaves, Bates asks Anna what she makes of the woman. Anna thinks she’s nice enough, and Bates wonders why she’s friends with Thomas, if she’s so nice.

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Downton Abbey: Are You Ok?

rose-jack-ross-downton-abbey-season-4-episode-4Previously on Downton Abbey: The Crawleys hosted a house party, Tom felt like a fish out of water, Isobel disapproved of joy, Mary got a maybe crush, Michael literally bought Robert’s love, and that thing of which we shall not speak happened to Anna.

Speaking of Anna, we start off with her right away, managing her stress by treating her husband like shit. Poor Bates asks her if he’s done something wrong and she briskly says no, she just really wanted to get Mary’s shoes polished, which is why she left their home that morning without waiting for him and now won’t make eye contact. She heads into the servant’s hall and Thomas asks about the black eye. She lies that she fell, and she can barely sit for more than two minutes before popping back up and rushing upstairs. Bates quietly asks Hughes if she knows anything here, because he’s not an idiot, but Hughes is like, ‘strange behaviour? What strange behaviour? I see nothing here!’ Poor Bates. She rushes off and Thomas asks what’s up with everyone. Carson says there’s something not quite on about high spirits at breakfast, so apparently he’s pleased to see multiple members of staff in distress instead of smiling.

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Downton Abbey: A Little Night Music

uktv-downton-abbey-episode-3-27Previously on Downton Abbey: Mary started to get some schooling on estate matters, Edith invited her boyfriend for a weekend house party, and Rose got a crush on a gardener.

Party time! You know, I’m surprised that Downton waited this long to have a house party episode. These sorts of events are great for drama, and if Gosford Park showed us anything, it’s that Fellowes is pretty good at writing these types of scenarios. I’m hoping this episode has rather better pacing than the last two.

Guests are arriving by the carload, and what lovely cars they are. Belowstairs, things are buzzing. One of the valets—belonging to Lord Gillingham—flirts with Anna.

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