Ripper Street: Edmund Reid Did This

Previously on Ripper Street: Someone was going around biting people to death, which is bad. Very bad. And that someone has a connection to both Croker and Dove, and Jackson figures out who it is right before they all go to rob the customs house, so now he’s in a tight spot.

Hey, is that Arthurton? Where’s he been? We begin with Drake paying his old co-worker a visit, mostly so poor Drake can have his face smashed in someone else’s incredible happiness. And so Arthurton can tell Drake that the only thing to cling to in this world is someone who loves you. That’s a mean thing to say to someone who’s having serious marital difficulties and clearly has no idea how to fix them (and honestly, neither do I).

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Drake and Jackson examine the body of Thomas Gower in season 4 episode 6 of Ripper Street

Ripper Street: No Wolves in Whitechapel

Previously on Ripper Street: Someone (or something) is stalking the streets of Whitechapel, biting the hell out of people and killing them. The police thought it was Isaac Bloom, but since it looks like he/it has struck again, Bloom is now an unlikely candidate.

The body of Thomas Gower is found, and Whitechapel is in an uproar. Miss Goren hears about it and arrives at the scene of the crime to very publicly grieve before being taken back to the orphanage for a steadying drink by Reid. There, she tells him the children still see this ‘Golem’ they’d been talking about, and she shows him pictures the kids have drawn of a wolf-like creature. She also reluctantly tells Reid about Castello’s friendship with Matilda, because she’s a bit concerned about the nature of it.

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Ripper Street: Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Previously on Ripper Street: Rose and Drake took in little Connor, whom Jackson secretly visits, which does not make Drake happy, when he finds out. Susan’s gotten quite fond of Croker, and vice versa, and Reid might still look into the Isaac Bloom case. Oh, and you may have forgotten (I know I sure did), but waaaay back in season 1, Drake saved a boy, Thomas Gower, from being hanged for murder by enlisting him in the army.

This week, it’s all about surrogate parents/mentors and their relationship with those pesky kids.

First up: Croker. Susan realises he’s been ripping off the Customs House by helping himself to a few things here and there. She goes to work on Croker’s right-hand man/kind of adopted son and gets him to show her how he gets into the Customs House. He does, and she immediately decides to bring Jackson back and rob the place’s strongroom, even though that’s incredibly dangerous. Croker is not on board with this, but she pressures him, using his newfound affection for her as a sort of stand-in daughter.

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Ripper Street: A White World Made Red

Jackson and Reid examine a body in episode 4 of Ripper Street

Previously on Ripper Street: Jackson stashed Susan with Croker, whom she impressed by getting him an unexpectedly good business deal; Reid returned to Lehman Street and proved he hasn’t lost his edge a bit; and Miss Costello pushed Reid to keep looking into Isaac Bloom’s case.

They’re getting us ready for Halloween early with this one!

Dracula is in the bookstores, in Matilda’s hand, and seemingly stalking Whitechapel. The body of a man is found trussed up and bled out in a cold meat storage. He has ligature marks on his neck and an infected puncture wound on his arm. There’s a lot of dried blood nearby (not his, though. His has been neatly collected in a bucket), and an overturned chair, which suggests a second victim. A quick search turns up a young woman, dead, not far away, with a puncture wound to her neck similar to that on our male victim.

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