Poirot: The Case of the Missing Will

An old friend asks Poirot to be the executor of his new will, but before he can get the thing written up he goes and gets himself murdered

Game of Thrones: And What Do We Say to Death?

Several people manage to cheat death, but a major character isn’t so lucky. Neither are two animals.

Camelot: The Hunt

While the Camelot Crew goes out for a fairly pointless hunt, Morgraine wanders the castle in search of damaging information, and Igraine tries to find a way out of Magical Manse

Game of Thrones: Bloody Hell

Things go from bad to worse for Ned and his family as Robert fires him from his position as Hand, and the Lannisters get pissed about Cate taking Tyrion.

The Borgias: War is Hell

Everyone learns this lesson big time when Juan sets the outnumbered and outgunned Papal Army against the French, who get to play with their devastating new toys.

Camelot: Waiting, Wishing, Watching

Morgan lures the Camelot Crew to Magical Manse and proceeds to stage a very elaborate fake attack, apparently in an attempt to find out who Arthur’s in love with and to finally start fully impersonating Igraine.

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