Nettle and Celeriac Soup

While out on my foraging expedition at the end of April (which netted me so much wild garlic we’re still eating the same batch now), my husband happened to point out the stinging nettles growing nearby. Most people give nettles a good wide berth–and for good reason: those itty bitty stingers hurt like hell and they sting for hours–but the thing is, nettles are incredibly … Continue reading Nettle and Celeriac Soup

Fish Pie

It’s snowing yet again where we are, and both the falling flakes and the plummeting temperatures have put me in the mood for some serious comfort food. And if there’s one thing the British do well, it’s homey comfort food. So, I cracked open my copy of the Complete Traditional recipe book and came upon a rather delicious recipe for seafood pie. This is delicious–like a … Continue reading Fish Pie