Call the Midwife 2018 Christmas Special

We’ve got orphans, a convent election that makes Julienne nervous, side-street childbirth, and gospel carols. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Call the Midwife: Love and Memories

Everyone says farewell to Barbara then gets to work as the maternity home is inundated. An elderly man gets help from his partner and Sister MJ has a birthday.

Call the Midwife: The Un-Luck of the Irish

A newcomer to Poplar has the worst run of bad luck I’ve ever seen on this show, an uptight mother derails a health class, and Barbara falls gravely ill

Call the Midwife: In the Bleak Midwinter

In an episode that pulls no punches, a family faces a Huntingdon’s diagnosis, Magda deals with a problem, and Trixie faces a rough decision

Call the Midwife: A Stroke of Bad Luck

A new mother suffers a stroke shortly after giving birth, which subjects Lucille to some racially driven suspicion; Winifred tries to get dads more involved

Call the Midwife: Resurrection

In one of the most downer episodes to date, we get a terrible abuse story & a stillbirth. The baby lives, but still: who crapped in your pudding, CtM?

Call the Midwife: Bite Point

Fred and Violet take in an orphaned relative with Down’s Syndrome, and serious dental hygiene finally makes its way to Poplar

Call the Midwife: Holding On

Shelagh waits for news, Tom reveals a big secret, and a desperate mother-to-be faces a difficult decision

Golden Armchair Awards 2016

You voted and here are the results of The Golden Armchair Awards 2016! See if your favourites took the prize!

Call the Midwife: Stay of Execution

Ursula’s rules endanger a newborn, Trixie returns with strange news and Turner gets an ultimatum

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