Boardwalk Empire: Valentine’s Day

Nucky gets bailed out in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but things aren’t looking too good for him. He does at least figure out who his friends and enemies are, though, and realizes Margaret’s even more on his side than he thought. Chalky enjoys jailtime with a complete tool, and Jimmy heads north to try and do business with Rothstein.

Boardwalk Empire: Truth and Consequences

Some characters share hard truths about their pasts, and a whole lot of them pay the price for their actions. Welcome to the final episode of season one, folks! It’s a bloody one.

Boardwalk Empire: Fight Night

In the penultimate episode of season 1, we get lots of fights and a few breakups. Also, the Commodore’s being poisoned, Two Face reveals his inner psycho for a moment, and Van Alden kills his partner. Seriously.

Boardwalk Empire: Mitzvah

There’s a lot of growing up done this episode. Al finally sets aside childish things and starts acting like a man; Margaret comes into her own, politically; and Nucky, Jimmy, and Chalky mature further as gangsters. In other news, Two Face almost makes me cry.

Boardwalk Empire: Tete a Tete

Things get done in quiet one-on-one conversations this week. Jimmy returns and Nucky asks him to kill the D’Alessio brothers, who are now in league with Rothstein. Before he can get to that, Van Alden arrests him and commences a crazed line of questions that boils down to: Is Nucky banging Margaret? Margaret gets Nucky to cut Mme Jeunet a break on rent and, in return, shakes down Mme for a fancy new dress. There’s some political wheeling and dealing, the Commodore gets involved, and gunshots erupt on the boardwalk. It’s summer in Atlantic City, folks!

Boardwalk Empire: Love, Love Me Do

Nucky reveals the secrets of his horrible childhood to Margaret; Jimmy takes a fellow war vet under his wing (and gets revenge for Pearl), and Angela indulges in a Sapphic love affair.

Boardwalk Empire: Arrangements

Nucky sets Margaret up in a fancy house as his new mistress; Jimmy helps Torrio take out Sheridan and conquor Greektown; Al shows his softer side (kind of).

Boardwalk Empire: Nuck O’ The Irish

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Nucky’s least-favorite holiday, and he’s got plenty to deal with this year, what with Margaret ratting him out to Van Alden, Eli wanting to make a speech, and the leprechauns ready to go on strike. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

Boardwalk Empire: Fairy Tale

Nucky throws himself a surprise party, but doesn’t get the present he wants. Jimmy practices being a gangster in Chicago, with somewhat disastrous results. Margaret loses herself in a fairy tale and dabbles in shoplifting.

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