Mr Selfridge: The Circus

Jeremy Piven plays the title role in Mr Selfridge

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry and Mae hooked up in the wake of Grove’s death and Mae started to suspect Jimmy was mixed up with Victor’s murder.

Keen checks in with his superior, appraising him of their various interests, including the stake in Selfridge’s. The man’s a little wary of the lack of information on the Whiteley’s acquisition and tells Keen to keep an eye on it.

Harry has Jimmy out to his country place for some skeet shooting and reports that Selfridge’s is celebrating its 20th anniversary. He is, of course, planning a massive public spectacle. Whiteley’s is going ok now, so he’s going to put Jimmy in charge of it so he can focus on the anniversary.

Mae goes to visit Wynnstay who is, it seems, a friend. She complains about the reporter sniffing around Jimmy and tells him to call the dog off, because Jimmy was out of town the day Victor died. Wynnstay doesn’t like being told what to do, so she makes a veiled threat regarding a slander suit.

Mardle’s stepping up into the mum role, getting the kids off to school with healthy lunches, despite the fact that she herself is clearly struggling a bit (she still looks terrible, poor woman.)

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Wolf Hall: Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Claire Foy as Anne Boleyn in Wolf HallPreviously on Wolf Hall: Anne miscarried again, so Henry told Cromwell to find a way to get rid of her, so he can move on to Jane Seymour.

Cromwell’s having a dinner with an extremely unlikely guest list. The Pole and Courtenay women are there, as is Norfolk, who’s demanding his food. Cromwell calls it forward, and as the plates are placed on the table, he sees Anne coming towards him, dragged by ropes over the dishes, dressed in her coronation gown. Oh, dream sequence. That makes sense. Anne looks up at Cromwell and smiles creepily. He stands and lifts a dagger over her heart, plunges it down…

…and comes back to himself at breakfast, with his family. So, it was kind of a waking dream/fantasy then? Odd. He eats, rather mechanically.

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