Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Lucrezia Borgia and the King in the North get it on


The Making of a Lady
Cinderella meets Wilkie Collins


Movie Review: The Woman in Black
Daniel Radcliffe tries to put Harry Potter behind him in this dark, but ultimately disappointing tale


The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Opium dreams, a haunting, racial tensions, and unrequited love

Movie Revew: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
While a fun romp at times, Game of Shadows fails to live up to its predecessor

The King’s Speech
Lionel Logue helps the future King George VI overcome his stammer and his abusive childhood so he could help guide England through World War II

Mary, Queen of Scots
The much-romanticized Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reign, and promptly gets played by Elizabeth, her own brother, and just about everyone else around her.

Gosford Park: Murder, Mayhem, and Manors
Rich people and their servants gather for a weekend of bird shooting and murder in 1930’s England.

Sherlock Holmes
The famous detective gets the Guy Ritchie treatment.

Dangerous Beauty
Love, Lust, and poetry in 16th century Venice.

The Duchess: Politics and Love Make Bad Bedfellows
Georgiana Spencer marries for prestige, lives fast, gets famous, and finally
falls in love

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