Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

JNThe Friends of English Magic
Mr Norrell tries to bring magic back to England while Jonathan Strange tries to find something useful to do with his life

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Norrell takes Strange on as a sort of apprentice, only to have his student start to outstrip him

The Education of a Magician
Jonathan goes to Portugal to help with the war and gets one hell of an education in both warfare and magic (and magic one should, perhaps, not meddle in)

All the Mirrors of the World
Jonathan discovers the fairy world and once again tries to convince Norrell to explore old magic, but because Norrell won’t (and possibly because Norrell’s also becoming a bit obsessive and creepy and controlling), Jonathan breaks with him.

The Gentleman finally collects Arabella, leaving the fake in her place to die, leaving Jonathan a bit grief-crazy. While he’s desperately trying to resurrect her, Norrell’s doing all he can to block the publication of Jonathan’s book

The Black Tower
Jonathan finally succeeds in summoning the Gentleman, only to be (surprise!) tricked and winding up in a tower of everlasting darkness. So, he decides to pass the time by bringing magic flooding dangerously back into England

The Other Side of the Rain
Jonathan and Norrell finally put their differences aside and join forces to defeat the Gentleman

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