Here Come the Brides
Alice, Verity and Jocelyn arrive in the Jamestown colony to meet their new husbands and start carving out lives for themselves in this brave new world

Is Verity suicidal? Because she pretty much does everything in her power–short of putting the noose around her own neck–to get herself executed for witchcraft.

What Sort of Friends Have We?
The arrival of some natives from a neighbouring village give us all a glimpse of how much stupidity is actually at work here

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!
A graverobbing incident sets off gold fever throughout Jamestown, Henry heads out on an expedition with Davy, and Reade gets mouthy and almost dies

He’s Got Stones, All Right
Yeardley is laid up with kidney stones, and almost immediately, the whole settlement goes to hell, with the militia revolting & Joss confessing to murder

Summer Solstice
DBL is stealing again, possibly because she’s actually insane; Silas goes off in search of Henry, who’s on his way home; and Joss gets some leverage

Fool’s Silver
Henry’s got silver, and now EVERYONE wants a piece of him

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