Super Simple Sourdough Starter

As a person who loves to cook and bake, I’ve been pretty bowled over by the ingredients suddenly available to me over here. The spices alone are enough to send me into overdrive (oh, piri piri, where have you been all my life?) but the flours! Oh, the flours! There’s a flour for everything, and some pretty cool specialty ones as well. While perusing the … Continue reading Super Simple Sourdough Starter

Cranberry Ginger Scones

Winter weekends always put me in the mood for baking, and what’s more English than whipping up a batch of scones to munch on with a pot of tea? Like muffins and other quick breads, scones are fast and easy to make, just don’t handle them too much or you’ll toughen them. This is one of my favorite recipes, adapted from a recipe found in … Continue reading Cranberry Ginger Scones