The Paradise: Hazard

5055914-high-the-paradise2Previously on The Paradise: Moray said one stupid thing too many and Denise finally—finally!—told him to shove it.

Denise gets ready for the day and briefly fantasizes about Moray kissing her neck. Denise! Stay strong!

Moray’s getting dressed too, and fantasizing about kissing Denise. Hey, man, you abuse it, you lose it.

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The Paradise: Worth 1000 Words

5010454-high-the-paradise2Previously on The Paradise: Moray took his fake courtship of Catherine a little too far, severely endangering his relationship with Denise, and Lovett had a heart attack.

At Mount Glendenning, Catherine’s getting ready and telling Flora that her father has a surprise for them, so they have to look nice. They’re wearing their matching dresses. Flora, concerned, asks if Catherine’s feeling better and Catherine reassures her that she is.

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The Paradise: A Man Who Loves You

The ParadisePreviously on The Paradise: Moray’s single-minded determination to get back his store may be seriously jeopardizing Denise’s future, Tom starts messing with her in an effort to get her on his side, and Catherine doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

Lovett eyes his shop and tells his passing niece that it’s a great thing to have one’s name above a shop. Not a failing shop, Edmund. Sorry, but it has to be said.

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The Paradise: Tick Tock

4941903-high-the-paradise2Previously on The Paradise: Suzie briefly lost her mind, and her job, but of course Denise managed to get it back for her. Moray allied himself with Fenton in order to get the store back, and as part of the scheme started making the moves on Catherine, which is not making Tom happy at all.

The food hall has finally opened, and Myrtle’s just standing in the street staring at the window display, apparently having nothing better to do. Inside, Dudley fusses with his watch and Sam urges him to get a new one. Dudley suggests they use Sam’s mad sales skillz on a pocketwatch promotion and Sam’s cool with that. Especially if there’s a bonus involved.

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The Paradise: Mama Mia

The ParadisePreviously on The Paradise: Denise got promoted to head of ladieswear, Tom started emotionally abusing his daughter and coming on to Clara, and Myrtle kept pushing for a job on the shop floor.

Jonas waits on that bridge as a carriage pulls up. Jonas greets the passenger, Fenton, and climbs in, assuring him that Moray knows nothing about the meeting.

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The Paradise: Song and Dance

4825232-high-the-paradise2Previously on The Paradise: Jonas returned, sick as hell but somehow still capable of saving Dudley’s somewhat undeserving ass. Miss Audrey finally married Lovett and departed, leaving Denise and Clara vying for her job.

Now that Clémence has left, we can get back to our regularly scheduled plotting: filling Miss Audrey’s job, and trying to figure out just what the hell is up with TomKat. Katherine’s still working overtime buying her new daughter’s love, today with a creepy looking doll from France and a full wardrobe from The Paradise. Tom whispers to Clara that she doesn’t seem so excited by the doll as everyone else does (because she’s not sucking up), and she tells him it takes more than a doll to make her gasp.

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The Paradise: The French Lady’s Visit

b03ghk7vPreviously on The Paradise: Moray returned from Paris, only to find that The Paradise is apparently now owned by Katherine and her new husband, Tom. Miss Audrey decides to finally marry Lovett, and Denise tells Moray they have to wait to get married themselves.

A carriage pulls up at The Paradise and Moray comes out to greet its occupant: a woman named Clémence who apparently worked with him at the Bon Marché in Paris. Tom notes her arrival as well, and so does Lovett, as he puts a For Sale sign up outside his shop.

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The Paradise: The Return of Moray

o-THE-PARADISE-570What the heck happened here? I feel like last year I saw The Paradise being advertised all over the place, but this year there was nothing. I didn’t even see any commercials, and I didn’t realise it was back until the day after the first episode aired. Is the BBC just letting this one die?

Not this season, at least. Will the awfulness of Mr Selfridge make this seem better by comparison? Let’s see.

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