Poldark Season 5 Episode 8 Recap

Ross threatens to completely torpedo his entire family with this spying craziness, George plays the very unlikely hero, and everyone ends as friends

Poldark Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

There be smugglers, a poisoning plot, loaves and fishes, fleeing lovebirds, stupid villains, proof that George has limits, and a lot to baffle us this week!

Poldark Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

Ross tries every trick in his arsenal, including the Impassioned Speech and the ridiculous jailbreak, but it’s all for nought

Poldark Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

Tess gets into forgery, Drake tries his hand at kidnapping, George gets petty in the creepiest way, and Ned hurtles towards disaster

Poldark Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

Ross risks everything he has (again!) for the sake of the common folk, George gets therapy, Ned rebels, and Geoffrey Charles goes in & out of the friendzone

Poldark Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

Caroline throws the most disastrous party ever seen on this show, Ned’s recklessness is starting to alarm even Ross, and George almost goes over the edge

Poldark Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Ross and Ned try to clear Ned’s name, Hansen tries to secure an investment from the Warleggans, and George gets increasingly crazy

Poldark Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Ross is called upon to help his former army commander out of prison, Demelza deals with unrest close to home, and George is having a psychotic break

Poldark Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Little She-Bear

Elizabeth decides to put George’s suspicions to rest in the most dangerous way imaginable. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Ross and Demelza TALK again, and Drake rescues and weds Morwenna!

Poldark Season 4 Episode Episode 7 Recap: Here We Go Again

Everything we thought was settled gets dredged back up again as Adderley makes moves on Demelza, prompting her to act like kind of an idiot and Ross to act INCREDIBLY stupidly

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