Mr Selfridge: The House that Harry Built

Harry bids the store farewell in this recap of the final episode of Mr SelfridgePreviously on Mr Selfridge: Harry found out about Jimmy killing Victor and cut him off, but not before Jimmy sort of screwed him over by trying to appropriate goods from Selfridge’s to stock the fast-emptying shelves at Whiteley’s. In despair, Jimmy jumped off a bridge.

The papers are full of stories about Jimmy, his death, his financial problems, and his relationship with Mae. Grace reads a story out loud to Gordon while he gets ready to leave for work in the morning. In the course of their conversation, we learn that Harry’s been avoiding the store since Jimmy’s death, which seems rather unlike him.

Rosalie approaches her father at the Selfridge Manse and gently asks if he’ll be going to the store. He will not. Fraser brings in the papers, which does not make Rosalie happy. She tries to convince her dad that Jimmy’s death was not his fault, then tells him that Mae keeps calling to talk, but Harry’s not answering.

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Mr Selfridge: The Circus

Jeremy Piven plays the title role in Mr Selfridge

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry and Mae hooked up in the wake of Grove’s death and Mae started to suspect Jimmy was mixed up with Victor’s murder.

Keen checks in with his superior, appraising him of their various interests, including the stake in Selfridge’s. The man’s a little wary of the lack of information on the Whiteley’s acquisition and tells Keen to keep an eye on it.

Harry has Jimmy out to his country place for some skeet shooting and reports that Selfridge’s is celebrating its 20th anniversary. He is, of course, planning a massive public spectacle. Whiteley’s is going ok now, so he’s going to put Jimmy in charge of it so he can focus on the anniversary.

Mae goes to visit Wynnstay who is, it seems, a friend. She complains about the reporter sniffing around Jimmy and tells him to call the dog off, because Jimmy was out of town the day Victor died. Wynnstay doesn’t like being told what to do, so she makes a veiled threat regarding a slander suit.

Mardle’s stepping up into the mum role, getting the kids off to school with healthy lunches, despite the fact that she herself is clearly struggling a bit (she still looks terrible, poor woman.)

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Mr Selfridge: Goodbye, Grove

Tom Goodman-Hill as Mr Grove on Mr SelfridgePreviously on Mr Selfridge: Harry and Jimmy joined forces to buy Whiteley’s. Grove decided it was time to retire.

Harry and Jimmy are signing papers at Harry’s club. Harry proudly announces the Whiteley’s purchase to some guy who works at the club, and the guy does a good job of acting like he really cares. Jimmy marvels at the fact he can actually come into this club and then muses on the fact that he’s put everything he has into this purchase and has no more wiggle room. Harry’s all, ‘Me too, but I love living life on the edge! What could possibly go wrong?’

At the store, Harry invites Mae to the Whiteley’s launch he’s holding. She accepts.

Grove gets off the lift and runs into Crabb. He tells Crabb he’s planning on retiring and Crabb’s sad about that, but understanding.

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Mr Selfridge: Go Big or Go Home

Amy Beth Hayes as Kitty Hawkins in Mr SelfridgePreviously on Mr Selfridge: Harry got so deeply in debt he had to sell off a bunch of the regional stores to cover it; Frank cheated on Kitty and got caught, so she threw him out of the house and decided to go to New York after all; Grove married Mardle; Harry pulled his advertisements from Wynnstay’s papers as retribution for a gossip piece; and a jealous Jimmy accidentally killed Victor.

Accompanied by Harry, Mae leaves flowers at Victor’s grave. She allows herself to tear up for a little while, then suggests they get back to work.

Jimmy has fled to his mummy, who shows him a piece in the newspaper that suggests Victor was killed by some underworld connection. Jimmy’s still worried about having killed a guy, even if it was an accident. His mother urges him to get himself back to London and move on.

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Mr Selfridge: The Long Fall

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Frank screwed up in the worst way anyone in a committed relationship can screw up, Grove proposed to Mardle, D’Ancona got tough on Harry, and the Dollys got so out of hand even Harry gave up on them.

Selfridge’s window smashing is actually front-page news the next morning. Riiight. Harry and D’Ancona meet at a club and Harry asks for a little extra time to pay his debt. D’Ancona gives him until Monday morning to pay the full amount, plus 50%. Ouch.

Harry stomps into his office and asks Crabb if he can arrange for Harry to borrow from the store. Crabb tells him about shutting down his access to the Chairman’s account. Harry’s screwed and clearly knows it.

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Mr Selfridge: Breaking Point

ITV STUDIOS PRESENTS MR SELFRIDGE EPISODE 5 Pictured: JEREMY OIVEN as Harry Selfridge. This image is the copyright of ITV.

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry ignored a debt to some scary guy so he could buy the Dollys a movie, Mardle returned to insert herself into Grove’s death, and Frank cheated on Kitty.

We get to see some of the Dollys’ crappy movie, some of which was clearly filmed at Selfridge’s and includes a little cameo by Meryl.

And now we watch some of the actual filming. Harry gets to call ‘Cut!’, thus fulfilling a long-held dream. The waiting press (what’s the press doing there?) applauds and takes pictures of, basically, a bunch of filming equipment. The Dollys immediately hit Harry up for some free stuff.

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Mr Selfridge: Swimming with Sharks

Who_were_the_Dolly_Sisters_Previously on Mr Selfridge: Kitty got a job offer in New York, Rosalie made friends with Lord Wynnstay, and Harry started gambling with the stores themselves.

Harry has gathered several members of the press at a swanky hotel in Biarritz to announce that Selfridge’s has collected some new stores. The press members are pretty much all like, ‘good for you, but why did we have to come all the way to France for this announcement?’

Harry: Because I love to spend money unnecessarily! Let the good times roll, everyone. They’ll never end, right?

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Mr Selfridge: Splitting Shares

MR_SELFRIDGE_EPIOODE3_14Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry bumped his head and started acting a little crazy, creating a department to sell things that don’t exist, yelling at Gordon for no reason, and ruining Mae’s fashion show with the horrible Dolly sisters. And then his mother died, which is sure to help balance him back out again.

Harry wakes up in bed with one of the Dollys (Rosie, the slightly less stupid one). She acts all sulky because he has to go to work, so he invites her to come along. Bring your girlfriend to work day? Really professional, Harry.

He finally crawls home and gets a faceful of Violette’s attitude. To be fair, she’s kind of right to be annoyed with her father for acting like a 20-something who can’t even be bothered to decide what to put on his own mother’s gravestone.

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Mr Selfridge: Jolly Dollys

episode22Previously on Mr Selfridge: Mae came back from France, divorced and broke, so Harry offered her a job running the new higher-end ready-to-wear line. We met Jimmy Dillon, a douchy boxing promoter, and the Dolly sisters, who are basically Jazz-age Kardashians. Harry fell off a platform during yet another store promotion and bumped his head.

Harry comes to in a graveyard, flinches with pain, and then starts panicking when he sees his own gravestone next to Rose’s. He starts shouting that he’s alive.

Fantasy sequence, of course. He comes to for real in a hospital, being tended by some pretty nurse.

And then he’s off to his seafront country estate to recuperate with his mother, Rosalie, and Tatiana. Lois urges Harry to take a rest and get better, reminding him he’s been given a second chance.

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Mr Selfridge: The Return of Lady Mae

ITV STUDIOS PRESENTS MR SELFRIDGE SERIES 4 Pictured: TRYSTAN GRAVELLE as Victor, JEREMY PIVEN as Harry Selfridge and KATHERINE KELLY as Mae Rennard. This image is the copyright of ITV and is for one use only in relation to Mr Selfridge.

Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry was scammed by his girlfriend, which made him kind of bitter. Victor opened up a nightclub and romanced Harry’s obnoxious daughter, Violette, who decided the best way to rebound from that was to marry some completely random Frenchman. Oldest daughter Rosalie married Sergei, a no-good Russian émigré, Doris died, leaving Grove available for Mardle (not that he deserves her), and Agnes took Henri back to France, presumably forever.

We’ve fast-forwarded nearly a decade, to 1928, which means the ladies are flapping and the men are now rocking floppier hair and double-breasted suits. Harry’s in Biarritz, playing blackjack for really high stakes.

Now Harry’s back in London, arriving at Victor’s swanky, bigger nightclub with Frank. The press is waiting and surround him, asking Harry how much he’s lost. Slow news day, guys? Seriously, who cares how much some rich guy lost gambling? Harry and Frank put them off and go inside, where the party is a-swinging. Victor publicly welcomes Harry, then introduces the singer, Alberta Hunter, who’s there to give us some very 20’s-style blues while moodily handling a cigarette holder. Wow, a person of colour—it really must be the 1920s!

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