The Tudors: Obsession

Surrey’s obsession with going after Seymour lead to his arrest and trial for treason; Gardiner, Risley, and Rich try to bring down Katherine by any means possible.

The Tudors: Where is love?

Henry allies with the Emperor to declare war on France, messes with Scotland, and pursues wife #6, Katherine Parr.

The Tudors: Ick Factor

We’ve got superfluous nudity, feces, torture scenes, and blood galore as the walls cave in on Kate, Culpeper, and a few others.

The Tudors: Ghosts

The ghosts of bad choices past come back to haunt Charles and Kate, in the forms of Lord Darcy and Frances Dereham

The Tudors: Present Day

Henry hands out gifts like he’s Father Christmas, plans a progress to the north, sleeps with Anne of Cleves (yes, you read that right), and totally misses the fact that his wife is having an affair with his valet.

The Tudors: Below the Belt

Kate proves she’s as bitchy as she is stupid, and lots of people get laid (though sadly, not Charles).

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