The Mill: We’re Not Gonna Take It!

imagePreviously on The Mill: Lucy and Esther briefly escaped to Liverpool before being captured and returned to the mill, where they discovered the ultimate, tragic fate of Lucy’s sister, Catherine. Also: Daniel proposed to Susannah and started getting back in with Doherty.

Working, working, working in the mill, then trudging off for lunch at midday. Lucy spots Robert walking past and decides she wants to tell him she thinks Timperley killed her sister. Ok, why, exactly, do Lucy and Esther think he would do that? Yes, Catherine’s dead and Mr T was the last person to see her alive (that we all know of), but what reason would Mr T have to kill a child? Just so he could keep the apprentice fee he would have had to give back if he delivered the kid to the workhouse? How much could that have possibly been? He’s gruff and harsh, yes, but leaping from that to assuming he’s capable of murder is, well, quite a leap.

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The Mill: A Good Man is Hard to Find

The Mill  BG 49 2_A2Previously on The Mill: Esther decided to take a stand and gave the rapey overseer what was coming to him.

Esther is carted off to the bigger town nearby to stand trial for assaulting the overseer.

Tommy, meanwhile, heads into the kitchen and asks Mrs T if there’s anything he can do. She dismisses him, since he only has the one hand, though he insists he could at least stir something.

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