Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown

Thoughts on The Crown, Season 2

Much as I enjoy The Crown, I have to be honest with myself and accept that I just won’t have time to recap season 2. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have thoughts about it, both good and bad. And they are… Royal Yacht Britannia looks pretty awesome. I can see why the royal family was sad to give it up. It now resides outside … Continue reading Thoughts on The Crown, Season 2

Golden Armchair Awards 2016: The People


The holidays are approaching, 2016 is (finally!) drawing to a close, and that means it’s time to look back and smile or shake our heads at all that happened this year in the world of costume dramas. First: let’s vote on the characters we loved, hated, and will miss.

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Golden Armchair Awards: Characters, Teams and Couples

Again, an explanation for this next one. The 30 British Actors rule holds that there only appear to be about 30 actors regularly working in Britain (this is a joke, obviously) and so you tend to see the same people all the time. Sometimes this makes you go, ‘oh, god, them again?’ and other times it makes you squeal with delight, because those actors are … Continue reading Golden Armchair Awards: Characters, Teams and Couples

Dressing The Borgias: The Ladies

borgiaswomen2Well, we’ve come to the end, folks. This shall be the last Borgias-related post ever (unless these people succeed, which would be great). Sigh. I shall miss it. I loved these crazy kids. Ah well, life goes on.

Naturally, the show’s focus was mostly on the Borgias themselves, and those closest to them, but, admirably, there were quite a few very interesting peripheral characters, both male and female, who were permitted to be interesting and complex. On the ladies’ side, we had a guilt-ridden wife who became a nun, a rather sad lady who went completely insane, and an adversary so badass, she actually won the respect of the men whose asses she was kicking. And they all did it while beautifully dressed, of course. Let’s have a look.

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Dressing The Borgias: The Men

borgias1-511Unlike the lucky ladies, the men of The Borgias tend to have a fairly set uniform, and you only really sit up and take notice when they change out of it. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some interesting things going on, costume-wise.

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Dressing the Borgias: Giulia and Vannozza

Giulia and Vannozza, season 2 episode 1One of the things I loved about The Borgias is that the women weren’t relegated to a second-class status on the show. They weren’t mindless sex objects, helpless creatures, or characters whose stories relied entirely on the male characters. They were strong, intelligent, and forceful. They used the weapons at their disposal (not just their beauty or their sexuality, either) to forward their own goals, largely managed to retain their agency within the sexual constraints of the time, and won the respect of the men because of it. They were complicated–even the more minor roles had some interesting shades of grey–and they made the show that much richer.

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