Camelot: The Hunt

Previously on Camelot: Morgan found out that everyone at Camelot confides in Igraine, so she shape shifted, took her prisoner at Magical Manse, and took her place in Camelot.

We start off tonight with some gratuitous nudity. At Camelot, Morgraine luxuriates in her bath, lovingly sponging her breasts, while at Magical Manse, the real Igraine is more roughly rubbed down by Sybil, who refuses to tell her why they’re keeping her prisoner. Morgraine dresses herself in her extremely luxuriously appointed room. Seriously—what’s up with that place? Isn’t Camelot still a roofless wreck? Where’d the big canopy bed and all the rich drapes and things come from? She practices saying “good morning” in the mirror for a while, then Merlin pokes his head in with breakfast.

Magical Manse. Vivien asks Sybil if she should wake Morgan. Hang on—wasn’t she in on the little ritual they did last week when Morgan shape shifted into Igraine? Did that happen later? Why was Vivien suddenly kept on the outside?

Sybil asks Vivien how loyal she is to Morgan, and Vivien promises she’s totally loyal, Team Morgan all the way! So Sybil tells her Morgan’s at Camelot.

Morgraine and Merlin sit down to breakfast, and he admits she was right, he could be more open with people, but he’s rusty. She thrusts her breasts at him and offers to let him practice with her. He seems tempted to take her up on the offer.

Back at Magical Manse, Sybil shows Vivien into the room where Igraine’s all tied up. Vivien looks shocked, but nevertheless she delivers some food and ignores Igraine’s pleas for her to tell someone she’s being kept prisoner there. Sybil locks the door behind them and tells Vivien not to tell a soul about this. That’s kind of a risk she’s taking, using this as a way of proving Vivien’s loyalty.

At Cameot Commune, Morgraine sallies forth from her room, greeting people left and right. Nobody’s the wiser, of course, not even Arthur, not that I’d expect him to be canny enough to figure out this ruse.

Out in the courtyard, Arthur helps Guen draw some water from the well and apologizes for telling her he loves her. Not that he didn’t mean it. He reminds her that she kissed him, and he’d totally given up all hope until that moment. Oh, great, but now he’s going to be drooling all over her again? Nice move, Guen. And by the way, you two, maybe you shouldn’t be discussing this in a crowded courtyard, with people all over the place who can overhear what you’re saying. How has the whole damn court not figured out what’s going on here? Morgraine’s certainly noticed, and she’s watching them closely from the shadows.

A little later, as she’s walking thorugh the corridors, Morgraine’s waylaid by an Impossibly Cute Moppet, who reminds her they had a playdate. She joins him in his playroom, where his main toy is a pretty cool castle he’s built and populated with rocks. Aww, I used to play with stones as a kid too! In my case, they were a family of six sister princesses. With ICM, the rocks are a queen and a knight who’s the king’s champion. Morgraine’s clearly rusty with kids, but she manages to cover pretty well and plays with the boyand he doesn’t seem any the wiser. He’s totally in love with Igraine, the way kids that age (about six or so) can be. And also as kids that age can be, he’s suddenly rather deep and observant, asking if she’s lonely, because her eyes look sad. She laughs it off and tells him she’s not lonely, because she has such a good friend in him. Aww!

Sybil goes to see Igraine, who once again begs to be told what’s going on. Sybil asks Igraine why she didn’t speak up for Morgan when she first returned to Magical Manse and was rejected by Uther. Maybe because Morgan started off by referring to Igraine as “the whore”? Just a thought. Sybil suggests she try confessing, and finding solace. Igraine asks her what she should confess to, and advises Sybil to seek forgiveness herself. Sybil tells her that, between the two of them, only Igraine “whored herself and sired a bastard.” Damn, lady. Igraine attacks and almost chokes Sybil to death with her chains, but the guard runs in and saves her. Outside the cell, Sybil tells the guard not to talk to or listen to Igraine, ever. Vivien listens in, looking disturbed. Now she has issues with what’s going on here? Why? She had no problems before, and she was a willing participant. What’s up with her?

The Camelot Crew’s out for a hunt. Leo suggests they split up into two teams and see who gets the most food. The others agree.

Morgraine makes her way down to Merlin’s lair, where he’s added to the décor a little since we last saw it. She chats with him, and asks what he plans to do about Morgan. He muses he might just leave her to her tricks, like the one she pulled the other night. Yes, he knows that was all a ruse and was somehow related to her quest for the crown. Morgraine suggests he’s getting a bit obsessed with her, or maybe he’s just got a crush? Merlin, who’s busily carving a bit of wood, jokes that he’s totally in love with Morgan, and then hints that he might just have her killed at some point. Hmm. Merlin, you know that Morgan can do some sort of shape-shifting magic. You’d think he’d be a little more circumspect about what he says, considering that. They talk about Uther for a little, and Morgraine pretends to defend her stepdaughter by telling Merlin how Uther beat and humiliated his daughter when she returned from the nunnery. Yes, we all remember what a dick Uther was. I don’t think anyone in the audience misses him or thinks less of Morgan for killing him. Merlin, oh so ironically, comments that he wishes Morgan were there so she could see what they’re doing at Camelot, because he thinks she belongs there and believed she could have been a great addition to the crew. He’s already written her off, though. He switches to a totally different topic and asks her suddenly if she’s brought the food for “his” surprise. She has no idea what he’s talking about but plays it off, so he offers to get the food and meet her later.

The boys are still out hunting. Kay scares up some birds, and both Arthur and Leo bring their marks down with bows and arrows. The three of them appear to be watched from the edge of the forest, but by what or whom we have no idea.

Back at Camelot, Morgraine’s heading back to her room, clearly in pain. She even briefly shifts back to Morgan. She gets to the room and tries to gain control over herself just as Merlin arrives and asks through the door if she’s ready. She says she’ll just be a sec, then pulls herself together.

The B hunting team, which includes Gawain, that annoying Butt Monkey knight, and our politically correct black knight—hang on, where’d he come from? I know there’s a chance there were black people in the British Isles during this period, because the Romans did have slaves and all, but were there really knights of color? Maybe there were, this era’s not really my strong suit. I don’t remember seeing him before, though. They spot a deer and fire at it, but we have no idea if they got it or not.

Merlin lays ICM’s homemade castle on a table in his room, just as Morgraine enters with the little boy. How’d she know that this was the “he” they were planning a surprise for? Is she psychic now? Did she just assume? ICM thinks he’s in trouble, but he’s not—he’s getting a birthday of his very own! Yippee! (He’s an orphan, so nobody knows when his real birthday is.) As a gift, he’s getting a shield and little set of armor of his own, as well as some hand-carved figures to go in his castle. Awww, so that’s what Merlin was working on earlier. A little carved queen, king, and knight. The kid’s over the moon, naturally, and when he begs Merlin to tell him “the story” Merlin obliges because, you know, birthday. He tells the boy and Morgraine the story of a brave knight who fought for a great king who lived in a place called Camelot.

At Magical Manse, Igraine calls through the door and tries threatening the guard with punishment once Arthur finds out what’s been done to her. He urges her to save her energy.

The boys are building camp for the night, and it looks like the B team got their deer. Something that rumbles and growls is definitely prowling at the edge of the clearing. During dinner, the boys discuss government, with Arthur suggesting each village send a representative to the court to sit in a sort of senate.

Morgraine and Merlin put ICM to bed, clutching his new dolls. He tells them today was the best day, and tells Morgraine he loves her. He’s a goner, right? He’s just too adorably heartwarming, this one.

The grownups go out to the parapet to talk. Morgraine asks why Merlin came back to Camelot when he could go anywhere and he says he just got tired of running away. She accuses him of giving her less than half an answer with that and calls him infuriating. She then gets serious and asks him what he thinks about her. He asks her if she can’t tell, and she says she can’t, because there’s so much she doesn’t know about him, and how can they trust each other when that’s the case? He asks if she’s so certain about who she is, and she shrugs and says she thinks so. “How do you know you won’t change tomorrow?” he asks her. You think he’s on to her? That at least he thinks there’s something off here? I kind of do. She flirtatiously says she might, but she knows who she is tonight, and that’s a woman who wants a wizard to keep her warm. They almost kiss, but then he backs off and admits he’s scared of losing control. He leaves her to keep her own sheets warm.

In the woods, the Crew’s asleep around the fire, but whatever’s prowling around the edges is still awake, and it wakes Leo, who looks around for a bit, and then sees a large wolf with glowing eyes—I think it’s the same one that Morgan exposed herself to in the season premiere. He goes to get his bow to kill it, but then it disappears. And the horses aren’t the least disturbed, so there’s clearly something odd about this wolf. The Spectral Wolf then appears just behind him, and disappears again before he can even pull his knife. Poor Leo’s not getting any more sleep tonight.

Morgraine makes her way back to her room, once again gasping in pain. ICM finds her in the hallway and asks if she’s ok. He realizes she’s not feeling well, and she clearly isn’t, but she pulls herself together long enough to try to swear him to secrecy. ICM goes to get Merlin, and Morgraine freaks out, grabbing his sleeve. The sleeve rips, and the kid falls off the balcony to the stone floor of the throne room below. I knew he was too cute for this earth. Still, not cool, Camelot. Morgraine sinks to the floor and cries a little.

The next morning, Leo tells the other boys about the wolf. Arthur asks him why the thing didn’t attack, and Leo thinks it’s because there’s another purpose for him. Or, you know, it could be because you grabbed weapons and it recognized the threat. Whatever, Leo.

Morgraine fetches Merlin and takes him to ICM’s body, which is still in the throne room. She tells him she found the boy like this that morning and she figures he tripped and fell in the upper floor hallway. Merlin, however, notices his clothes are torn and knows that someone else had a hand in this. Morgraine asks Merlin if he’s ok, because she knows he cared for the kid. He tries to play it off like he barely knew the boy, but she urges him to unburden himself. He coldly tells her that whoever did this deserves to burn, and he’ll light the fire himself, because there’s no redemption for a person like this. Unless, of course, it was all a tragic accident, which it really was.

Igraine tries to make friends with the guard, who only remembers her as a stuck up bitch. She keeps trying, though, and asks the man what the hell he wants from her to let her go. He unlocks the door, lets himself into her cell, and locks it again behind him. I start to shudder in horror. He makes his way over to her, and she asks him to tell her what she can give him. Oh, you poor woman.

At Camelot, Guen and Morgraine are preparing ICM for burial. Morgraine urges Guen to tell her the truth of what happened between her and Arthur. Guen tries to deny anything happened, but she finally confesses to the whole sex on the beach thing. Morgraine promises not to say anything to Leo. Let’s see how long that lasts, shall we?

Magical Manse. The guard undoes Igraine’s chains so he can have sex with her. It’s pretty horrible, but she uses the opportunity to get the guy’s knife and stab him several times in the back and side. Who’s your stuck up bitch now, guard?

Morgraine finds Leo praying in the chapel and joins him. It takes her all of a minute to drop the bombshell about Arthur and Guen having a big, bad secret by telling him he’s such a good guy for forgiving them for what happened. She doesn’t go into details, pretending to be embarrassed and fleeing instead. Still, damage done.

Igraine stealthily makes her way through Magical Manse, finally arriving in the great hall, where she runs into Vivien, who stares right at her, and then turns away, allowing her to escape. Igraine takes her chance, finds a horse that happens to be saddled in the stables, and then rides right through the gates without anyone giving her a second glance. Really? Man, security at Magical Manse is even worse than it used to be at Camelot.

Morgraine arrives back at her room and finds Merlin there, sitting a little creepily in the shadows. He tells her he doesn’t want to be alone, and then admits that when he touches someone he sees their secrets, and the person they really are. Really? That’s a neat trick. How’d you not realize that Arthur was kind of a useless, childish twit, then? Morgraine tells him that’s fine, because she doesn’t have any secrets, so he kisses her. His eyes fly open, but he claims that nothing’s the matter. So, does his trick not work, or does he know who she really is and still wants to nail her? Either one is possible. So, he and Morgraine have sex, and to be honest, it’s the hottest sex we’ve seen yet on this show, in my opinion. At least these two have some chemistry, which is more than can be said for Arthur and Guen. At one point, Morgraine glances over at the mirror and sees the Spectral Wolf reflected in it. Interesting.

Also getting laid? Leo, apparently. Wow, he reacted a lot better than most guys would to the news that his wife screwed around with his buddy the king on their wedding day.

Early the next morning, Morgraine sets fire to ICM’s castle and figurines, for some reason, and then wanders majestically through the castle as Igraine finally gallops through the gates and comes running inside, looking frantic. And of course, despite the fact that they all thought they were in imminent danger of a massive attack just a few days earlier, there’s not a single guard on the walls or anything, so she can just run right in. Sigh. She comes face to face with Morgraine in the great hall and looks shocked, but Morgraine just greets her calmly, having clearly been expecting her. So, I guess the Spectral Wolf is some kind of message for her?

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