Brianne2I have a confession to make: I have a lifelong addiction to British drama. In particular, drama that involves costumes. It’s my crack. I can’t help it. I consume the stuff by the hourload.

But you understand, right? You, too, must be addicted to Masterpiece Classic, Mystery!, or BBC dramas. You’re in agony waiting for the new series of Victoria, and Downton Abbey and The Tudors were your guilty pleasures. I understand. This is a safe place; we’re all friends here. So sit back, kick around for a bit, and enjoy some highly opinionated recaps and reviews, along with a dash of history (might as well learn something, right?) and delicious recipes–because we all need a good snack while we’re watching, don’t we?

Questions? Comments? Requests? Just want to say “hey”? Send me an e-mail at armchairanglophile@gmail.com.

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  1. Just wanted to say Hello!! Its really great to find someone who is as passionate about British costume drama as I am!! Also, Congrats on your new addition!!

  2. I stumbled across your blog while looking for photos of Downton fashions. Love your summaries. British drama is the only thing worth watching on tv here. I lived in Edinburgh for 7 years and you are making me miss it so.
    I will keep on reading and hope to visit Scotland again some day.

  3. Hope you and mini anglophile are doing well. Always look forward to your reviews! Have you had a chance to check out the Poldark reboot? Thanks again.

  4. Great site- I found some new ones I want to try through you. 🙂 I am an American and am addicted to British Costume dramas too- so much so, I have made music videos on youtube of them frequently for 6 years. lol They are just always so rich and wonderful, the acting always superb, the dialogue, the clothing – all made as if you are really there and these characters truly exist…if only it were so. I would love to meet some of them. 😉

  5. Just finished last episode of Mr. Selfridge! It’s a slight letdown when a series you love and can’t wait till the next episode…just discovered your blog and all the shows you have commented on are my favorites also. I, too, love anything British, Scottish, Irish… have you seen Happy Valley with one of my favorite British actresses, Sarah Lancashire? She has also been in Last Tango in Halifax. Rose and Maloney, and her stunning performance in Seeing Red. Also another actress who is wonderful, Lesley Sharp in a thoroughly entertaining ITV series, Bob and Rose.

    1. I’ve not seen Happy Valley, though I do love that actress (she was also in The Paradise). Honestly, the show sounds a bit depressing, and I’m not quite in the right mindset for a depressing show just now. I’ll keep it in mind!

  6. I highly recommend you watch The Crown! It’s on Netflix. Early years of Elizabeth II. Features Claire Foy (Wolfhall) as Elizabeth II and Matt Smith ( Doctor Who) as Philip Mountbatten. Jeremy Northam (The Tudors) is also in it as Anthony Eden. I just finished the first season and thought it was very well done!

  7. I just watched the Making of a Lady last night. I realized that it had been on years before. I enjoyed it immensely. After waking up this morning I realized that there was some missing pieces to the puzzle and this article filled them in nicely. Thank you so very much.

    1. I did actually give Anne with an E a try, as I loved the Anne of Green Gables that was made with Meagan Fellowes back in the 90s. But Anne with an E just didn’t do it for me, I’m afraid!

  8. I read with interest your blog on ‘the Mud March’ of February 9 1907, from London’s Hyde Park to Exeter Hall in heavy rain and mud (and horse dung too). I believe these were ‘Suffragists’ not ‘Suffragettes’, i.e. led by Millicent Fawcett the Suffragists believed in constitutional methods to achieve the vote even while Mrs Fawcett herself appreciated the bravery and resourcefulness of the militant Suffragettes.

  9. Thank you for your clever and fun summaries of Victoria! I’m a bit late to the party, but enjoying it a lot. Your summaries are so helpful in filling in the items that I miss.

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