Schoolhouse Rock-VetoOn 11 March 1708, a piece of legislation known as the Scottish Militia Bill found its way to the desk of Queen Anne, having already been passed by both the Commons and the House of Lords. Anne, however, acted on the advice of her ministers and withheld Royal Assent, effectively killing the bill where it stood. Apparently, she worried that the proposed militia would be disloyal, which is not an outrageous fear for a woman whose grandfather had his head lopped off by his own people 60 years before, and whose own father was run out of town on a rail just 20 years previous (though that did work out fairly well for Anne and her sister, Mary). What’s noteworthy about this particular bill is that it’s the last one to be refused Royal Assent. Although monarchs to this day hold that veto power, none has ever used it since.

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