Trivia Tuesday: Weapons of War

The_Martyrdom_of_St_Sebastian_(detail)This Week’s Question:

Which weapon’s superiority over the crossbow was proven at the Battle of Crecy in 1346?

Last Week’s Question:

The scandalous marriage of Maria Walpole to the Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh led to the passage of what piece of royal legislation?

Answer: Maria’s marriage (as well as that of the Duke of Cumberland, Gloucester’s older brother) led to the passing of the Royal Marriages Act, which required all descendents of George II to seek the sovereign’s approval before marrying. Had the act been in place earlier, Maria’s marriage almost certainly would not have taken place. She had two strikes against her: she was illegitimate, and she was of non-royal rank. It didn’t help either that she was a widow, though her late husband was an earl. Nevertheless, her marriage was recognised, although she was never received at court. She and her husband had three children, two daughters and a son, who inherited his father’s title Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh.

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