Trivia Thursday: It’s So Tall!

ImageThis Week’s Question:

Charles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal for Scotland from 1846 to 1888, was also known for studying what middle eastern monument?

Last Week’s Question:

On 20 December 1606 three ships set sail for the new world to establish Jamestown. What was the settlement’s original name?

Answer: Jamestown was originally named James Fort after King James I of England. The bit of land chosen by the settlers was, in their minds, perfect as it was surrounded by deep water, was easily defensible, and had no native tribes living on it. Turns out, though, the tribes didn’t live there because the area was fairly inhospitable and terrible for agriculture. Oddly, the early Jamestown settlers didn’t consider growing food to be important and had brought few people familiar with agriculture along with them. Predictably, they starved. Being as poor at diplomacy as they were at feeding themselves, they started strongarming the initially welcoming local tribes for food. Understandably, the local tribes were upset about that and before long conflict broke out: the Anglo-Powhatan War. It ended in favour of the English, but the colony still lost 2/3 of its settlers before replacements arrived.

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