The London Protocol

300px-EpanastasiOn 22 March 1829, Great Britain, Russia, and France got together to create Greece.

Of course, it wasn’t quite that simple, but the result was the modern-day Greek state. The people of Greece had begun waging a war of independence against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Over the years, the revolutionaries received assistance from several countries, including the three Great Powers that would later establish the Greek state. The Great Powers worked with Ioannis Kapodistrias, who had been entrusted with governing the fledgling country, and agreed on the London Protocols, the second of which was signed on this day. Under the London Protocol, Greece became a separate state with complete autonomy, ruled by a hereditary Christian prince to be selected by the Powers. Greece did, however, still have to pay an annual tribute of 1.5 million Turkish piastres to the Ottoman sultan, which we can only imagine didn’t go down too well with people who’d been fighting for their independence from the man for almost a decade. By 1830, however, that too became a thing of the past, and Greece became a completely independent country.

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