The Duchess of Duke Street

A Present Sovereign
Louisa’s life changes drastically when the Prince of Wales takes a personal interest in her.

Honor and Obey
In late-Victorian London, young Louisa Leyton sets out to be the best cook in England, and ends up making quite the impression on the future king.

A Nice Class of Premises
After her affair with Prince Edward ends, Louisa and her husband buy the Bentink Hotel on Duke Street, partly in order to give Gus something to do. It doesn’t go as well as she’d hoped.

The Bargain
Louisa tries to pay off Gus’s huge debts almost singlehandedly, and winds up almost killing herself. Luckily, Charlie from episode 1 comes wandering back into her life at just the right moment.

A Bed of Roses
Louisa and Charlie take their relationship to the next level, and with Louisa distracted, the hotel starts to go downhill fast. Charlie gets out of town so she can get back to business, but Louisa’s busy with other matters–having his kid.

For Love or Money
A charming hustler checks in to the Bentink

3 thoughts on “The Duchess of Duke Street

  1. Only just discovered this series, love love love Louisa!

    In the first episode, the Prince of Wales gives Louisa “a present sovereign from your future sovereign.” How much was the sovereign worth? I wonder.

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