Penny Dreadful: Verbis Diablo

penny dreadful 2-2Previously on Penny Dreadful: Mme Kali is a witch who’s out to get Vanessa–and not one of those only slightly menacing witches like the one she played in Harry Potter, either. Caliban got a new job, and he and Frankenstein brought Brona back to life.

Vanessa has drawn…a lobster? A scorpion? on the floor in blood. And she clearly hasn’t gotten any sleep, though you’d think she’d be used to that by now. At daybreak, she heads down the hall to Malcolm’s room and he takes one look and thinks, ‘oh, crap, you’ve got your “bad shit went down” face on.’ He asks what happened and she tells him that the witches visited her the night before. At least, she’s pretty sure they did. But maybe she’s going crazy? She doesn’t even know. He tries to reassure her but she’s in a bit of a panic, which is understandable. She asks him to tell her she deserves peace and he says that’s not really his place, but he will promise not to abandon her. She cuddles up to him and he embraces her in a sweet, fatherly way and asks her to accompany him somewhere. Somewhere he goes to find peace.

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