Ripper Street: Speak for the Dead

wj6uz5hm66ffPreviously on Ripper Street: The gang got back together, very uneasily, and investigated the death of a woman and disappearance of a girl who turned out to be Reid’s supposedly dead daughter. She’s with Susan, but Reid was told she was dead, and he killed the man who had her before going on the run.

Lights up on a stage, where an extravagantly dressed clairvoyant named Alexander Le Cheyne starts his show.

Meanwhile, Drake goes into Reid’s now-empty office and looks sad.

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Ripper Street: Mother Russia

Courtesy; BBCPreviously on Ripper Street: Drake and Jackson started to find some common ground and we had hints of something bad having happened to Reid when his daughter disappeared.

Workers are striking down by the docks as one man who reads rather stereotypically Jewish detaches himself from the crowd and moves away from it with purpose. He makes his way to a door marked International Workers Educational Club, knocks, and is admitted.

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Ripper Street: Amp’d Up

b01q9xlrPreviously on Ripper Street: A crazy poisoner was taken off the streets, Drake developed a crush on Rose, there was some weirdness between Susan and Jackson, who obviously have a shady past, and Reid’s wife got her funding for a home for former prostitutes.

Susan’s giving a new girl the rundown (I get 60% of your earnings in return for protecting you here) when she spots one of her former ladies returned. Well, I say lady, but this one, Lucy, looks super young, especially dressed in a rather childish white dress and prim white gloves. She’s like a china doll, with a fragile, wounded-bird like beauty. Susan’s delighted to see her and runs right over for a hug. Lucy’s not there for a reunion—she needs a job. Susan regretfully says she can’t provide one and Lucy says she doesn’t know what’ll become of her. Susan sadly tells Lucy that she’s pretty much purpose-built to fulfill all the worst desires of men and Lucy adds that this is her curse, and the whole world profits from it, but not her. The brutality of the Victorian era is once again writ large.

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Ripper Street: Breaking Bread

ripper3Previously on Ripper Street: Reid, Drake, and Jackson solved crimes in Whitechapel. We learned that Reid’s and Emily’s daughter disappeared, which sent Emily running into the arms of the church and other causes.

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