Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding

freyweddingPreviously on Game of Thrones: Robb agreed to marry his uncle Edmure to a Frey daughter, so the whole family’s off to a wedding. Also going to the wedding is Arya, in the hands of the Hound, who plans to ransom her back to her family. Jon Snow’s still wandering around with the Wildlings, and Dany’s planning to take over Yunkai with her Fabio-lite partner, Daario.

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Game of Thrones: Here Comes the Bride

Game-of-Thrones-S3E8-03Previously on Game of Thrones: Dany decided she wanted to free all the slaves in the next city in her path, Tyrion was forced into an engagement with Sansa, Gendry was handed over to Melisandre, and Arya found herself a hostage of the Hound.

Arya wakes, gets her bearings, and picks up a giant rock lying nearby before sneaking up on the sleeping Hound. She raises the rock above her head, ready to strike, but he wakes and tells her to go ahead and kill him, but if she fails to do so, he’ll break both her hands. She doesn’t kill him, and he doesn’t break her hands, by the look of it.

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Downton Dish: Wedding Fruitcake

I don’t think it’s too spoilery to say that there’s a wedding coming to Downton Abbey, and weddings in England apparently mean fruitcake. Now, fruitcake’s gotten a bad rap over the years, but the real stuff is pretty damn good. Unfortunately, it usually needs several days (even weeks) to cure, so I found a recipe that skips that step entirely by leaving out the alcohol. … Continue reading Downton Dish: Wedding Fruitcake

Happy Anniversary, Your Majesty!

Happy anniversary, Your Majesty and Your Royal Highness! On November 20, 1947, the Princess Elizabeth (later to be known as Queen Elizabeth II) and the newly minted Duke of Edinburgh tied the knot at Westminster Abbey. Unlike many other royal couples who found themselves trotting down the aisle, Elizabeth and Philip had known each other for years. They first met in 1934, when Elizabeth was … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Your Majesty!

Better Luck Next Time

The fourth time was not a charm for Henry VIII, who annulled his marriage to Anne of Cleves on July 9, 1540 on the grounds of non-consummation. Even as royal arranged marriages go, this one is famous for being a disaster. Henry agreed to the marriage before even meeting Anne face-to-face, instead relying on a portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger. Although popularly thought to … Continue reading Better Luck Next Time