Trivia Thursday: It’s So Tall!

This Week’s Question: Charles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal for Scotland from 1846 to 1888, was also known for studying what middle eastern monument? Last Week’s Question: On 20 December 1606 three ships set sail for the new world to establish Jamestown. What was the settlement’s original name? Answer: Jamestown was originally named James Fort after King James I of England. The bit of land chosen by … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: It’s So Tall!

The House of Burgesses

Hurrah for democracy! On July 30, 1619, the House of Burgesses met for the first time in Jamestown, Virginia. It was the first assembly of English colonists in North America and would eventually become the Virginia House of Delegates, the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly. The House of Burgesses was formed after the Virginia Company made some major changes to the colony. Namely, … Continue reading The House of Burgesses