St. Brice’s Day Massacre

Way, way back in the day, the unfortunately named King Aethelred the Unready was warned that the Danish men in the Kingdom of England would “faithlessly take his life, and then all his councilors, and possess his kingdom afterwards.” So, he did the only reasonable thing and had them all slaughtered on November 13, 1002 in an event that would later be called the St. … Continue reading St. Brice’s Day Massacre

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

On September 25, 1066, the Viking Age came to an end in England with the defeat of the Norwegian army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. 1066 was a pretty lousy year to be living in England. King Edward the Confessor’s death in January triggered a succession crisis that brought contenders from all over Europe to fight for the throne. The King of Norway, Harald … Continue reading The Battle of Stamford Bridge

Enough is Enough

Peace at last (for the time being)! On August 5, 910, the last major army sent by the Danes to raid England was defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall, near modern-day Wolverhampton. Frequent Danish raids over the preceding centuries had placed significant parts of Northeast England under their control. Although they attempted to attack areas in central England, they were resisted by Alfred the Great … Continue reading Enough is Enough

The Viking Invasion

On June 8 (or thereabouts) in 793, Vikings raided the monastery of Lindisfarne in the northeast of England, spreading terror throughout Britain and ushering in the Viking Age of Invasion. For almost 300 years, the Vikings would continue to invade Britain, which was, at the time, fractured into several different kingdoms, none of which were really strong enough to repel the well-trained, well-prepared invaders. Early … Continue reading The Viking Invasion