Boardwalk Empire: Let’s Run Away to Atlantic City

Well, the poll takers have spoken, and Boardwalk Empire it is! I’ve been pretty excited about this show since it was announced—I’m obviously a sucker for historical dramas, and I feel a certain connection to this show for a couple of reasons. First off, I’m a Jersey girl myself, and it’s nice to see a depiction of my home state that does not include fake tans and claw-like fingernails (not that a show about Prohibition-era gangsters puts the Garden State in such a great light). Second—I have a family connection to this time and place. My great-grandfather had some cousins who made their living on the wrong side of the law during the Prohibition period. He went to visit them in AC once, at a restaurant they worked out of, and one of them asked him to open the kitchen door to admit some guests. One of those guests? Al Capone. According to family legend. At that point, my great-grandpa hit the road and stopped having anything to do with those cousins, at least one of whom later disappeared. Yay, family history!

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